Friday, December 2, 2011

(video) Highlight from NYC DEC hearings. Eugene Leff's reaction to Dave Publow / United for Action

This was an early highlight, and helped set the tone for the rest of the day:

Dave Publow, United for Action,
NY DEC SGEIS hearings on Hyrdrofracking, NYC, 11/30/2011

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Note about the video:

Earlier in the day as I was setting up, I happened to
share a moment with NY DEC Deputy Commissioner Eugene Leff.
(his name is listed on the Cover Page of the SGEIS document)

He is a very soft-spoken, gentle man.
So with very gentle, low-key energy I approached him and asked
for a quick interview. He asked me what service I was with.
I said, O2E-TV in Binghamton, and also Shaleshock Media.

He quickly got his press secretary Emily DeSantis. I said
I was just looking for any insights as to what was going on
inside the DEC, or his own personal reaction to the hearings so far. 

Desantis redirected the discussion to the technical process
of the SGEIS/Regs review ... basically she ran interference
and I was denied an interview.

If you watch the video @ 1:00, I was panning around the audience
and happened to spot Eugene Leff in the audience. I finally got
what I was looking for: Mr. Leff's personal response to the proceedings.
He was looking a bit green.

If you watch carefully, @ 1:15, he looked right at my camera, checking
out my shot. Yes, coming right to you, sir. He got real fidgety at that point,
knew he was being watched, grabbed some water, etc.

I really have great empathy for him. He must have one of the most
difficult jobs in the known universe right now, sitting between
his boss, Gov. Andrew "Drill Baby Drill" Cuomo, and The People.


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