Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Northrup Response to "The Empire State Divide"

Response to "The Empire State Divide"

Fracking Mockumentary

produced by the fake charity
Foundation for Land and Liberty
commentary by Chip Northrup

Introduction by Karen Moreau

Karen Moreau is a gas lobbyist. She is the Executive Director of the NYS Petroleum Council. So her intro is much-ado about mushrooms, but little about what she actually does for a living – shill for gas companies.


Hudson River Valley Cement Plants ?

Hudson River been notoriously polluted for decades by various industries. Premise here is that it should be polluted again – by fracking – because the cement plants are gone ?

Farming unprofitable ?

If a farm is unprofitable, fracking won’t change that. Most New York state farmers will not benefit from fracking. Grossly misleading to imply otherwise.

Local job opportunities ?

Rig work is not local – the rigs move. So if someone gets a job on a rig, they will leave the farm, if not the region.

Class warfare ?

On the one side, you have Cabot, Range Resources, Anschutz and Chesapeake. On the other, you have the majority of the residents of many Upstate New York towns and cities. That’s class warfare.

Pennsylvania Farmers

The gas boom is already over in most of Pennsylvania. A gas boom does not change the economics of farming. Confabulating farming and fracking is simply misleading. Anyone that gets a job on a rig will leave the farm and follow the rig.

Fracking Jobs for New York State ?

Fracking shale is uneconomic in New York State


And fracking can be ruinous to the NY environment

Including Upstate villages and roads


Time to address the issue via responsible regulations


Local land use controls


And local road ordinances


Not fracking mockumentaries from gas lobbyists


And their shills


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"The Empire State Divide"


Produced and narrated by an employee of the American Petroleum Institute, aka a fracking shil