Thursday, March 22, 2012

32 families displaced, Jersey Shore PA, to make way for fracking.

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32 families evicted from Jersey Shore PA
to make way for water withdrawal facility for hydrofracking.

Refugees for commerce.

New Video, by Scott Cannon

Direct result of recent SRBC actions.

Aqua America = privatized water
=> profits from provisioning of something essential to life

Nicholas DeBenedictis, CEO of Aqua America
won Citizen of the Year award from American Red Cross...

SADLY IRONIC: these families will need services of Red Cross.

Biggest customer of Aqua America is Execlon energy.

Nick also head up Excelon Energy. Huh.

Top 5 threats to world's drinking water include Dirty Energy and Privatized Water,
two things Nick specializes in:

Which I guess is sexy:

New Video, by Scott Canon

More info:

Please help distribute this alert to
  • local media in Williamsport PA,
  • Philladelphia PA (home of Aqua America/Bryn Mawr)
  • media in areas where HVH fracking is being done
  • national media

Press release by William Huston,
affiliated with NYRAD & Shaleshock Media

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