Friday, March 23, 2012

Fractivists are the COOLEST people!!!!

I just hollered out for some critical research,
needed for a project I'm working on,
and I had the answer in about an hour!!

I just want to say,
I am so very grateful to walk among you all!

I know sometimes we squabble,
and we sometimes seem like a big disorganized bunch,

but we really come together when it matters.
Yes, we are all different,
we all come from different walks of life,
but we all contribute whatever we can.

We've got every kind of person!

Scientists and Priests,
Politicians & Anarchists,
Dairy farmers and Vegans,
Attorneys & Deep Green Ecologists,

We've got Message-makers and Journalists,
Video producers and Art Teachers,
Poets and Engineers,

We've got Orators and Organizers,
Researchers and Rabble-rousers,
Philanthropists and Occupiers
Little kids and Grannies too...
We've got people who make the cookies.

This is truly a Big Tent!

I think you people are so cool!!

Thank you for your service to the Earth.
I am honored and blessed
to walk in your company.


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