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Hate speech, Energy in Depth, and actual violence

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Extreme violence
towards humans is often normalized by
equating humans as being "pests" or animals.

Gas industry Public Relations front group
Energy in Depth
are using similar languageto incite violence against the modern environmental movement in NY and PA
trying to save our families and land against the Fracking Invasion.

Edward Said
coined the term Orientialism to describe how
humans justify violence by creating a kind of "Evil Other" with language.

Charles Patterson
documented in his book Eternal Treblinkathat when extreme violence is done to people (holocausts and genocides)
the perpetrators inevitably compare the victims to animals, or insect pests. we all know violence towards "livestock" is permissible:
And of course the only proper remedy for a PEST is the Final Solution:

Carol J. Adams in her book Sexual Politics of Meat
described how a language which equates women with animals
is used to justify systemic violence towards women.

800,000 people died in the Rwandan genocide,
after hate speech radio broadcasts suggested
that the Hutus "exterminate the cockroaches." (Tutsis)

Millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis in WWII, were called "vermin" and "pests".

Energy in Depth and Hate Speech
Energy in Depth is using a similar kind of hate-speech against
the movement fighting to protect our homes, air, water, land, and
way of life against the industrial invasion of Fracking.
EID calls these ordinary citizens: "Antis", "NIMBYs", "moles", an "infestation".
This week, around 2,000 people marched in Albany: men, women, and children,
form all walks of life, exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech,
public assembly, and petitioning the government for redress.

Photo: An "infestation"? NO! These are PEOPLE!
Citizens exercising their Rights in a Democracy.

In an article published yesterday, EID says these PEOPLE are an infestation of misinformed antis,
following Josh Fox like sheep. days after EID suggested that "Antis" were moles which should be "whacked",
Vic Furman, an EID operative, shoved me (battery) at a Town of Barker meeting (in front of a cop!)

Yes, this is the same Vic Furman who mooned me in S. Montrose PA while people carried water to Dimock to help people who's water has been poisoned.

I do not wish violence towards any being.
I wish that all beings are happy and free from suffering.
I do not want any violence to happen.

BUT-- if violence ever happens towards anyone in this modern
environmental movement, the first indictment should be for
this guy:
Photo: Tom Shepstone (and crew) at Energy in Depth
are inciting violence towards the Anti-Fracking movement

Energy in Depth is a CRIMINAL racket.
They serve no legitimate business purpose.
They are spies, propagandists, and bullies.

They admit to waging war, calling us "insurgents", and using
Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) against American Citizens:

The gas+oil industry has a history of both extreme environmental
destruction (e.g., Nigeria) and also murder of activists.

I sincerely hope someone can figure out a way to legally shut down
their criminal enterprise before they commit or incite
actual violence towards us.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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