Monday, August 6, 2012

Open Letter to Donna Lupardo: Do you still stand by your statement, "We must trust the DEC"?

Dear Donna,

Do you still stand by your statement, "We must trust the DEC and the process"?

Clearly the over 120 towns all over the region which have passed local bans or moratoria DO NOT trust the DEC:

And for good reason(s)....

1: Fracking is inherently toxic and unsafe
2: Dozens of people killed, many more sick because of this industry
3: Countless animals sick and dead due to fracking
4: It is likely this industry will not create significant local jobs, and may destroy local economies based on tourism, farming, and wine production:
5: At least 54 Serious flaws identified with the SGEIS indicating that it will not protect NY citizens from the certain dangers of unsafe chemical fracking:
6: The 101 Reasons to ban fracking
7: DEC colluded with industry
8: NY Regs are the worst in the country:
9: NY's Compulsory Law is not based on geology, but is coercive theft
10: NY's Compulsory Integration law was written by Chesapaeke's Lobbiest Tom West:
11: Yes, the same Tom West who sued the towns of Middlefield and Dryden on behalf of industry seeking to overthrow the rights of Municipal Home Rule to ban unsafe industries with zoning under the General Police Power:
12: And considering the people in NY and the Southern Tier are overwhelmingly against fracking by a factor of at least 3:2 (a super-majority)
13: The oral comments at the DEC hearings were >80% against fracking
14: Local bans have quadrupled over the last year, and local moratoria are up 900%:
15: And Whereas the Governor has leaked to the NY Times he will begin fracking in towns within 5 counties which support it (including within your district)
16: And whereas your often cited response to the question of a ban, "We must trust the DEC to do its job" is virtually identical to the JLCNY Pro-Fracking resolutions recently passed in many towns in the So. Tier:
17: And whereas these resolutions-- while claimed by many town board members to be neutral, and not in support of fracking, are clearly an invitation to begin fracking:
18: And whereas these resolutions, in many cases, were passed under highly questionable circumstances:

Dear Donna, considering all of these facts,
do you still stand behind your statement "We must trust the DEC"?

Or will you now come out in support of a STATEWIDE BAN on FRACKING?

Bill Huston

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