Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Perry ME LNG "import" terminal vs. Constitution Pipeline

There is an LNG import terminal proposed near Perry Maine, near the Bay of Fundy.
>>Why do we need an import terminal when we have a glut of gas?

>>How difficult is it to produce an LNG import terminal
which could also be an export terminal?

FERC would probably look over the plans
to make sure there's no funny business, right?

(Like a 121 mi. 30" high pressure pipeline where the design plan lack an initial compressor.  FERC would spot that, right?  ... see: http://elibrary.ferc.gov/idmws/common/OpenNat.asp?fileID=12936323  )


If you plot a route from Dimock PA, to Perry ME, it tracks the route of the
Constitution Pipeline EXACTLY.

Huh. Local glut, overseas demand, 4x the spot price over there.
Well, DUH!

Link to this:

Dimock PA, to Perry ME,
route plotted by Google Maps,
NY Detail

Constitution Pipeline Route


More info:

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