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Incidents and maps of water contamination incidents upstream of of the City of Binghamton NY.

If I introduced 8,500 tons of toxic chemicals into the environment 14-20 miles upstream of the water intake for a major US city of 47,000 people, do you think they'd call me a terrorist?
Incidents and maps of water contamination incidents relating
to pipeline and drilling accidents within the Susquehanna headwaters
upstream of of the City of Binghamton NY.

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All of these FACTUAL cases of water contamination are upstream of Binghamton:

Here are some maps showing the sources of these contamination incidents:

Note Well:
THESE ARE ALL UPSTREAM of the water intake for Binghamton NY, a major US city of 47,000 people:

Map Legend:
  • According to Skytruth and Fracfocus, the average amount of water to frack a PA well is 4.3 Million Gallons.

    This is a train of 24,000 gal tanker cars nearly 2 miles long (180 cars).

  • Assuming 0.5% of fracking fluids are chemicals (the rest being water and sand),
    this equals 20 tons of chemicals per million gallons of water.
  • So for a frack of 4.3 Million gallons of water, this requires 86 tons of chemicals.

  • Assuming all of the 98 unconventional wells located within the headwaters of Binghamton's water source have been fracked once, this equals ~8,500 tons.
  • A typical train car hauling coal is 100 tons.
    8,500 tons requires 85 coal cars.

    Here is what 80 coal cars looks like.

    This is a train nearly one mile long. 
  • All of these toxic chemicals have been introduced into the environment and do not ever leave, except during surface spills, flowback fluids, inadvertent return to surface incidents, blowouts, etc where they will eventually end up in the river.
  • Binghamton's primary water source is the Susquehanna River. 

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