Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inergy, Stagecoach storage, Marc-1 info, Canadian Pipelines, import/export LNG etc.

I've been spending time trying to map out all of the pipelines,
LNG import/export facilities, gas storage facilities, gas compressor stations etc.

It is nearly a full time job keeping up with all of this.
There is no single place to look for maps of all of these projects.

Here is a roundup of various documents you may find helpful.

Current LNG export facility permit applications w/DOE:
If that link doesn't work (it changes weekly), check here in the right column:

Current LNG export facility permit applications w/FERC:

Interesting filing (MANY pages) with a good map showing relationship
between Marc-1, Tennesee pipeline, Transco, Stagecoach storage (near Owego and PA),

and how this connects with the Inergy facility @ Watkins Glen

NEW EXPORT TERMINAL proposed at Goldboro, Guysborough Co, NS:
YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE: (specifically mentions exporting NY fracked gas!!)

Major Canadian pipelines:


Imprecise maps showing various US pipelines in the NE:

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