Monday, October 8, 2012

Want to be convinced about impacts from Gas Drilling?

A NY woman writes that her family is split. She has heard enough and is against fracking. He wants the money. Wife reports both have seen Gasland, yet he still needs to be convinved. He wants to speak directly with impacted people.

I responded, it's a bit much for these people to deal with black water, dead cattle, 24x7 flaring and truck traffic, AND dealing with random calls from pro-fracking NYers who need to be convinced.

I suggested he start by watching these videos:

Terry Greenwood and Ron Gulla (leased farmers Washington Co. PA)

Carol French & Carolyn Knapp (leased dairy farmers from Bradford Co. PA)

Craig Stevens (impacted by pipeline)

Vera Scroggins (has documented shale gas invasion near Montrose/Dimock for 4 years)

Rebecca Roter (impacted by pipelines, truck traffic, and compressor station)
(Warning, this video causes many people to cry)


The Mannings from Franklin Forks PA (not leased, but water well ruined)

Riverdale Community: 32 families displaced due to fracking operations:

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