Monday, October 8, 2012

Every Marcellus Well is also a DISPOSAL WELL

WOW… this one is blowing my mind…

I got a hot tip about this.
Passing it along,
Early vetting seems to indicate may be some truth to this…
We need more research…

So check it–

Many US industries produce toxic chemical wastes…
Could be a million tons per year or more:

acids, solvents, lubricants, cooling fluids, hydraulic fluids,
a vast variety of petroleum products,
what do you do with it all?

Just a few choices:

  1. Spread it on land, farmer’s fields
  2. spread it on roads
  3. dump it in the ocean
  4. dump it into rivers and creeks
  5. try to contain it in a big steel or concrete tank
  6. bury it in the ground
  7. burn it in incinerators
  8. what else… shoot it into space?
  9. oh yeah, inject it into the ground.
We do just about all of those things.

So what if these Marcellus wells had a dual purpose?

What if each Marcellus well was a disposal well
which also produces gas (if the operator is lucky)?

So it turns out one reason Halliburton et. al.
might want to keep the exact composition
of fracking chemicals secret.

is that some percentage of these fracking chemicals,
(maybe most of it??)  is actually “re-purposed” industrial wastes.

And what if the industry hides this fact by
claiming that their fracking fluids are
“intellectual property”, “trade secrets” etc.?

What if this is just a deception to hide the fact they
are industrial waste products?

And to hide their plan to turn our beautiful homes
into a toxic waste dump?

A couple of academics I’ve bounced this off
have said this has been “known” to them
to some degree, for some time, confirmed this.

No published papers yet,
research is impeded by corporate secrecy.
So there are no citable sources– yet.

hazardous wastes
hazardous wastes

I’ve been telling you in recent blog posts
that it is likely 8,500 tons of chemicals have already been injected
into the ground in an area of approximately ~280 sq. mi.
upstream of the City of Binghamton -- DESPITE THE NY MORATORIUM.

8,500 tons is 85x 100 ton rail cars loaded with chemicals.
This new theory puts some perspective on this…

8,500 tons of chemicals already injected into Binghamton's headwaters area
8,500 tons of chemicals already injected into Binghamton’s headwaters area

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Rebecca Casstevens said...

oh yeah, this definitely brings to mind, from pesticide reform activism in the 1970s, the realization that massive forest service & BLM aerial spraying of 2,4,5-T and Silvex @ pacific northwest was actually leftover-from-vietnam war-agent-orange toxic dumps, to supposedly promote the douglas fir mono-culture, for the non-deciduous timber industry. i recall one organic farmer saying "if the russians sprayed this stuff on us, we'd declare war!"