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Master Document of Williams Central Station stuff

Found some more stuff about Williams Central Station...

Item 1:

2. Applicability/Source Coverage Limitations

This General Permit authorizes the construction and/or operation of a natural gas, coal
bed methane or gob gas production or recovery facility. Coal bed methane includes coal
mine methane that is released from coal seams during the coal mining process.
This General Permit is limited to a facility engaged solely in the production of natural
gas, coal bed methane or gob gas. BAQ-GPA/GP-5 does not apply to facilities operated
as a part of a transmission pipeline
(which shall not be construed to mean any gathering
system or associated equipment) or gas storage field, nor does it cover the compression
of other types of gases from landfills, refineries, coke ovens, etc. A natural gas, coal
bed methane or gob gas production or recovery facility may include...


Item 2: As we have shown, Williams Central Station is clearly the start of an interstate transmission pipeline, the Constitution Pipeline, thus a GP-5 permit is NOT APPLICABLE.

Newton Hill Cemetery (point A on the map) is next to the Williams Central Site.
Superimposed on to the map of the Constitution Pipeline is a PERFECT MATCH.

Item 3:


From "Revised Plan Approval Application 58-399-029" for "Central Compressor Station Bridgewater and Brooklyn Townships"
Dated: June 26, 2012

"A GP-5 permit application submitted to the DEP in late April 2012 resulted in Permit 58-399-040GP5, issued on May 14, 2012, for the following equipment:

* Two 150 MMscfd TEG dehydrators, each with 2.0 MMBtu/hr reboiler
* One 6.2 MMBtu/hr flare
* One 1,818 bhp emergency generator engine
* Ancillary equipment"

NOTE 1: A "compressor station" with no compressor? Huh...
NOTE 2: How many dehydrators have been permitted?

NOTE 3: Review: Here is what a dehydrator looks like.
(tall stacks in the middle -- from Clean Air Council)

NOTE 4: How many dehydrators do you see in this photo of
Williams Central Station, taken Oct 9, 2012

Item 4: 98,801 tons per year of CO2 equivalent is like 2.2 million lawnmowers-- six orders of magnitude greater than what seems like a minor source of GHG emissions-- yet still qualifies for a "minor source" permit:

Item 5: Constitution Pipeline PF application includes no initial compressor:

  • Constitution Pipeline Route:
    No initial compressor?
    This is like a design for a big truck with no motor.

  • Whoopise. Probably just an oversight.

    It also happens to be a physical impossibility to transport gas
    in a high pressure 30" 121 mile long pipeline without one.
    It is an essential component, an essential part of the design.
    Why would they omit it?
  • Any Professional Engineer responsible for that mistake should lose their PE certification.

Item 6: To be clear-- PA DEP has issued one GP-5 permit-- for a different (lessor) facility.
  • Another GP-5 is still in application,
    and the FERC permit for the Constitution Pipeline is still in Prefile.

Item 7: Aren't we supposed to get all required permits in place before the ground is broken?
Item 8: Which is it? Is the Williams Central Station related to the Constitution Pipeline?
  • Chris Stockton tells Susan Arbetter, (Capitol Pressroom Sept 10 2012 @ 49m:20s)

    No. Ah...we do... Williams has a pipeline, er, a compressor station... we have a midstream facility. What a midstream facility is is a gathering line system that are taking gas from production areas, and transporting that gas to a variety of locations including interstate natural gas pipelines.   Williams has an independent project, it's not related to this, is building a compressor station to deliver gas to existing infrastructure. Constitution is not related, and not dependent upon that. If Constitution was not built, Williams would still be building that Central Compressor Station."
  • Correction to Chris Stockton.... I'm not going to call this guy a LIAR, because that would imply intent and foreknowledge. Perhaps Chris Stockton might also be IGNORANT of this ENGINEERING FACT:

    It is impossible by the laws of physics to charge 30" 121 mile high pressure pipeline WITHOUT an initial compressor (and a BIG one too!!)

    Unless they plan on using Maxwell's Demon:
  • Now listen Project Superintendent Wayne Pierce response "That is my understanding" when asked if Williams Central is the start of the Constitution going to NY. (short video clip)
    Huh. How come Williams reps say something different? That it's not related?

  • Is there a reason why Williams does not want the Williams Central Station part of FERC oversight?

  • One possibility is that if they had to wait around for the FERC permit, they would not be able to begin construction on this project. Clearly, they want to build it NOW.
  • Also, the Federal process, FERC, PHMSA, NEPA requires public hearings.
  • Also is the staggering 98,801 tons per year of Greenhouse Gas emissions, a "minor source" air quality permit is only in application stage at PA DEP.

Item 9:  ANOTHER missing permit
  • On 7-17-2012, a 20 ton Kenworth triaxle pulling a 45 ton crane on a 9 ton trailer (total=74 tons) went up Turnpike Road in Brooklyn township, heading for the Williams Central Station. This is 9.25 tons per axle over 8 axles.  When we stopped the driver and asked to see his PA DOT Special Hauling Permit, and he ran back to his truck and left the scene.

Additional Materials:

Williams Central Station, Brooklyn Township PA
How many required permits are missing? 1: No DEP Air Quality Permit, 2:No FERC permit,
3: No DOT Special Hauling Permit for the 74 ton truck+crane...

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
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