Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Media reports: "Water tests PROVE that Binghamton's water is fine." TRUE OR FALSE?

The consensus is in from the local press:
Water tests PROVE that Binghamton's water is fine.

Question: are these statements TRUE or FALSE?
1: FALSE (Press and Sun)
2: FALSE (Fox 40)
3: TRUE, but misleading. (Newschannel34)

100% of all local media draws an incorrect conclusion from an incomplete test.
A basic knowledge and a cursory examination of the facts reveals this.

The water MAY be fine (and let's hope it is).
But these test results prove nothing.
I applaud Matt for testing, heard him on WNBF yesterday and he was outstanding.  There are a couple of points:

First, you will never find what you are not looking for: PA DEP caused a huge scandal recently with their "Suite Code 942". They tested for 24 heavy metals and only report 8. BIG SCANDAL. But Binghamton only tested for 1 heavy metal? No salts, no organics, no hydrocarbons, no radiation....

Oh and they didn't find four GASSES? Well, no kidding. The water downstream from the wells goes through 13 miles of agitation before it hit the water test. That's like doing jumping jacks for 13 miles with an open bottle of Pepsi and finding at the end it's gone flat.

Also, Water testing is not sufficient to protect NY water.

LET IT BE KNOWN that this is MY story. I did the initial research, I found the 98 wells, I made a public access TV show and series of youtube videos about this, blogged about it for a month, and wrote to ALL OF YOU press people for a SOLID MONTH before someone reported this story. Here's the history:

I find it really curious that not one news outlet in this town thought it important to get my reaction to this test. If you want my reaction, I'm at 607-321-7846 /

I can see Matt is in a difficult position. He does not want to be a mayor of a city with a real water contamination problem. Also, the root cause is something that is happening in an in a different state where he has no jurisdiction.

Still, the people of Binghamton-- and all local cities and towns downstream with drinking water taken directly from, or influenced by,  the Susquehanna River--  should demand a more rigorous test that this.

We all, citizens of NY should pressure our Governor to TAKE ACTION NOW to protect NY.

There are 160,000 NYers whose drinking water is at risk NOW due to being downstream of fracking operations in PA:

There are 200,000+ NYers who live downstream of landfills which are accepting drilling wastes from Pennsylvania:

Here is the numbers to call:

Say: Governor Cuomo and the DEC should TAKE ACTION NOW to protect NY drinking water from contamination from PA drilling operations.

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