Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Normal (Mordor Dub) -- director's cut

The New Normal (Mordor Dub) -- director's cut

Here it is--- the new and improved "DIRECTOR'S CUT" of my video,   
The New Normal (Mordor Dub)

I think it's a minor masterpiece.  Please share if you agree.

A creative edit from video shot around Susquehanna County PA, 11-5-2012.
Music by Jah Wobble/Bill Laswell and Donnacha Costello.

Features Craig Stevens, Vera Scroggins, Carol French, Karly Ann Griffin, Deb Eck (and her cat), Terry Greenwood, Tom Shepstone (voice), NY State Sen. Tom Libous ("Environmentally Safe Drilling").

Photos from the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project (Noah Addis, Lynn Johnson, Martha Rial), Skytruth, Steve Reilly / Gannett, Les Stone / Reuters, Todd Tinkham / Dispersed Movie.

Credit to
Jenny Lisak, "List of the Harmed"

Thanks to Cris McConkey, NYRAD, & Park Foundation for enabling this work.

On Vimeo (unlike Youtube) there are NO ADS!!! Yay! It's 8 min(*) of video.
Watch in full-screen HD mode for best experience.

(* these 8 min. probably required >40-50 hours of editing...
so I hope you enjoy it!)

If the video freezes or stutters, just pause it until the
grey bar at the bottom moves to the right.

Play video:
Or use one of the download links below.

The New Normal (Mordor Dub) from Shaleshock Media on Vimeo.

Please play this for anyone who wants to bring gas drilling to NY.
These scenes were recently captured in Susquehanna County PA.

 Download The New Normal (Mordor Dub)


The local election results clearly indicate that we have a
media access problem. Radio stations like WNBF play
radical conservative anti-Obama hate speech
and gas industry propaganda for 15 hours per day.

Every broadcast media outlet is INNUNDATED by
ads for the Gas Industry, and what passes for news
is often industry Public Relations -- EVEN ON WSKG.

For example, this petition was created due to ANGA ads
underwriting NPR, which causes a clear NEWS BIAS:

But banning gas industry ads from PBS/NPR is not enough.

If you (like me!) would like to see quality content like this from
independent community producers on WSKG "Public Broadcasting",
then please call 607-729-0100, ask to speak to Brian Sickora
or the Program Director. Or leave a message at 607-729-0200.

You can also email:

License renewals are coming up soon, so please
let me know if you contact them and what their response is. or 607-321-7846

Here's what to say:  

"I think you should live up to the name "PUBLIC BROADCASTING" and END THE 15+ YEAR BAN on content from independent community producers.  

It is Hypocrisy and Fraud to claim you are Public Broadcasting when We the Public are excluded from the airwaves  (our property!) and you play robotic, non-local,
satellite-based content streams most of the day.
Please play the "Shaleshock Media Show",
a weekly television program as proposed by Bill Huston,
which will feature content from local producers
such as Cris McConkey, Jessica Veccione, Scott Canon, 
Bill Huston, Vera Scroggins and Josh Fox about the REALITIES of shale gas drilling,
and our advocacy for a BAN in NY.

Please also allow community members to host their own
radio shows, since presently 140 hours / week are wasted
on robotic music streams


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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