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Re: [NYRAD] Re: [sustainableotsego] How Google Helps Frackers

Thanks Awesome, Cris!

Looks like Prof. Howarth is not the only one getting ad-bombed by Google.

Cris shows how my latest video is being targeted by a PR campaign
called the "Rational Middle", which presumes both that
extreme energy extraction is both rational, and also represents
a balance between views, a compromise, both of these assertions
are absurd.

On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Cris McConkey <> wrote:
Regarding the recent truthout article "How Google is Helping the Gas Lobby Support Fracking".

In addition to Google search results, this applies to YouTube popup ads as well (Googler owns YouTube). The gas industry targets their ads on YouTube based on video meta data and this has been going on for some time.  What I don't know is how this might apply to suggested videos.

We are used to this as far as commercials (such as Chesapeake's Marcellus Gas Leases), but it can be a bit more insidious that the obvious commercial.  For instance, check out this pop up ad:

Who and what is

When I visited that website, when the pop-up ad was active, it directed me to a site where the first video featured had to do in part with the role of natural gas as a transition fuel --in fact I'd say that was the embedded message.  Now, that URL has a redirect to, whos's about page includes this:

Our clients most often come from the charity, NGO, education and public sectors, but not always. What's most important for us is working on projects we're passionate about with people who share our values.

So, this is the PR industry whose clients could include an environmental group like Environmental Defense Fund as well as industry. 

One last note.  I am not at all convinced that there is not some payola for the top search results that are NOT in the advertising block at the top of the Google search results, but that would be a serious accusation to publish without really good data.  Corporations with big budgets are probably more successful with SEO --search engine optimization-- and that may be a sufficient explanation. 

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