Friday, December 28, 2012

BH asks Bob Perciasepe (interim EPA admin) about Dimock's water, April 2012

I haven't got the interview I was looking for yet, from someone who can
give the narrative on the Dimock water test results, but I wanted to release
at least this now.    

You've all heard by now EPA Director Lisa Jackson has resigned,
reported as being over fights with the Obama administration
over dirty energy projects like the Keystone XL:

EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe was at Cornell 4-10-12.
The NYTimes is saying he will take over EPA now that Lisa Jackson
has resigned, at least in the interim.

Remember that EPA was in Dimock from ~Jan 2012 to May 2012,
so this was right at the end of that interval.

BH asks Bob Perciasepe, EPA Deputy Admin,
about Dimock's water, April 2012

As you can see, he refused to acknowledge that any problems
exist in Dimock, or elsewhere in PA, he thought that "setting
tough standards" was EPA's primary function
. When I asked
him about enforcement actions, he got that "deer-in-the-headlights"

So the timeline is:

1) EPA does testing in Dimock.

2) Before all the results are in, EPA release a press release
 that "Dimock's Water is Fine", which is repeated in most
every newspaper in the region.

3) EPA releases water test results to the affected families,
which is summary-only, not the raw test results. Even this
summary data reveals elevated levels of at least some
contaminants in most homes tested.

So with these elevated levels, how can they say the water is fine?

As the EPA went down Carter Road, from house to house, telling people
"Your water is fine", I have heard the very same scene was played out....
You can imagine how it goes.

Here is one such scene, recorded at the Sautner's house:
The Sautner's house at 1101 Carter Road now stands empty.
Some people don't like the word abandoned, because there
was a title transfer. Someone paid the Sautner's money for the
house. It was an anonymous LLC. Everyone in Dimock will tell
you Cabot bought the house. Here's what was in the paper.

Susquehanna County Court Notes 9/7/2012


- Craig and Julia Sautner to Susquehanna Real Estate 1 Corp.n,
a property in Dimock Twp. for $167,500.

The new buyer has not listed the home for sale.
They have removed the vent from the water well.
This might indicate they have no plans on marketing the house.

Clearly this was no normal deed transfer, since the Sautner's
were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so we don't
know all the facts.

Steph Hallowich's house in Hickory, Washington County,
also stands empty. It was bought by Range Resources under
similar circumstances. There was a deed transfer. Money was
paid. And an NDA was signed.

Ron Gulla's house is empty also.
Maybe they're not abandoned.
Maybe you can find them for sale
in the MLS from Hell.


EPA Fracking Regulation To Fall On Lisa Jackson's Successor

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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