Friday, February 8, 2013

400 families on replacement water in Washington Co. PA

In this video:

@2:37:30 Barbara Lifton mentions that there are
"400 families on replacement water in Washington County PA".

I had never heard that number before, so I tried to verify it.
Last night, I got a call from the person whom I believe was her source,
Ron Gulla.

I agree, he is very credible, and is one step away from the
primary source, which was one company which was delivering water
-- so they should know.

Staggering--- this number was FOUR YEARS AGO.
So it could be many more now...

As I understand it, there are three companies delivering water in that area.

400 families on replacement water.
Again, this was one company of three, and this was FOUR YEARS AGO.

Ron also told me horror stories about cattle dying, diseased livers,
aborted calves, still-births... he even told me about a farmer in
Tioga County NY with putrid water and sick cows selling milk to
Organic Valley. He said the water was so bad there the cows
didn't want to drink it. So if you think you are safe purchasing
organic milk, think again.

After an hour, Ron said this:

"I could go on and on. People have no idea
what is happening here.

The scale of the damage here is staggering.
This information is NOT being reported by the
mainstream media.

If people had any idea of the real cost of fracking
people would be up in arms, literally.

We cannot let this into NY.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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