Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why I am not interested in LPFM

I am not interested in LPFM.

Why? It costs $100,000-$200,000 in equipment, surveys, and professional fees.
and in hilly area like this, the reach will be minimal.
WHRW in Vestal has 1,500 ERW and an intenna at about 100' (hilltops @ 400'):
LPFM is presently limited to 10 watts. That's 1/100th WHRWs signal.
The radius is only about 3.5 miles without hills.
I know several people at Prometheus Radio Project, 
and I think they are really wonderful folks.

They've been fighting for LPFM for 15 years or more.
Long struggle. They are very cool people,
with good hearts and heads.
But around here with hills, it's nearly worthless.
HUGE capital investment, for very little coverage.

My main goals has been, and will continue to be
reform of high-power radio and TV,
starting with WSKG our "PUBLIC" Broadcasting station!

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