Monday, June 24, 2013

Preserving this from Facebook, Fracknation's page:

HYPOCRITES: Patagonia, an outdoor clothing & accessory store, depends heavily on oil to make their products (not to mention shipping, electricity, etc.) Yet they actively fight #fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline, and all fossil fuel production.

They're hypocrites! Help us call them out by LIKING & SHARING this picture and writing on Patagonia's Facebook wall.
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  • William Huston Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, yet he wrote the words which ultimately freed them. Does Jefferson's hypocrisy invalidate his good works? Don't confuse the messenger w/the message. None of us are perfect. Don't ask "is he a hypocrite?". Ask: is it true what they say?
    • Shaun Scott Sory, one cannot ESPOUSE a principle one does not represent. And Jefferson was dead for decades before slavery was abolished. If he truly believed "ALL men are created equal", he ought to have set a better example.
    • Loren Clouden A more laughable bit of absurdity I have not read recently Mr. Huston.
    • Zane Gordon That example does not work here. Patagonia requires the substance that is feedstock for their product. They would not exist without frac'ing.
    • Scott Miller By William Huston's logic, Hitler wrote the words that ultimately led to the anti-fracking movement when he said "It is not truth that matters, but victory."
    • William Huston I think you all are missing my point... You frequently "Call the Anti a Hypocrite!" and then walk away, victorious. -- Because I don't feel like you won anything. The reality is more complex and nuanced.

      It's like this: We all just woke up, and there is this problem. I'm trying to work on fixing the problem, and you are calling me names.

      It took the last 50-100 years to put this existing energy infrastructure into place. And you expect ME to change it all instantly overnight?
    • William Huston You all are playing both sides when you call me hypocrite. Do you AGREE that we should all switch to solar? and then fault a person like me for not getting my house converted fast enough?

      You ARE correct here. Converting to renewables IS the right thing and Josh Fox SHOULD get a solar panel and so should I as should WE ALL.

      But no, most pro-gas people don't care at all about solar. You want to hold me to a different standard than you are willing to live by. And in my opinion, THAT is TRUE HYPOCRISY.

      Do I live in line 100% with my values at all times? That is my goal, but not always. I am not perfect. I am not Christ. Neither is Josh Fox. He is Human, imperfect (like is all).

      But my goal isn't name calling. Who is a hypocrite and who is CHRIST, a model of human perfection. That's bullshit. A waste of time.

      I want to solve the problem. I don't care who is inconsistant with their own values. EVERYBODY IS! (including you).

      My goal is to WORK WITH YOU at solving the problem!

      Right now, we have not agreed to what the problem is. So we have more work to do listening to each others needs.

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