Friday, July 19, 2013

Tell Congress to Reject the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act

 Note: I am removing my support for the Delaware Riverkeeper petition, which while calling Congress to reject HR1900 (YAY!!) which would EXPEDITE the FERC approval of pipeline transmission line projects, but also SUPPORTS PIPELINES IN GENERAL by calling to replace HR1900 with a bill which demands "best practices".

Many of us have learned over these last years that "Best Practices" is a term for regulation and permitting the nature-destroying activity (which seems like a reasonable compromise between NO regulations), as opposed a ban or prohibition.

If you feel moved to support the petition as-written, the URL is still below. 
However I urge you to instead send a letter of protest to Delaware Riverkeeper
and ask them to modify the petition to withdraw advocacy for "best practices". 

-- Bill Huston.

It is Time to Protect Our Communities; Tell Congress to Reject the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act

Just when you thought another give away to the gas drillers couldn't be possible, pro-drilling cronies in the U.S. Congress find a way - this time truncating the level of environmental review and resulting protections given to interstate pipelines, and providing automatic approvals when short time limits are not met.

Pipelines are an indelible cut across the landscape -- through the power of eminent domain for private properties and political persuasion for public lands, they secure the right to cut our forests, pollute our water, contaminate our air, exacerbate climate change, damage jobs, andmake our communities less safe. They need to be subject to the same laws as everyone else.

Sign our petition to tell Congress - House and Senate - to reject this proposal:
And if you want to see the congressional hearing at which the Delaware Riverkeeper testified take a look at:

Maya K. van Rossum
the Delaware Riverkeeper

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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