Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fwd: Posted to Senator Ball's Facebook wall

Leaving a record of exactly what I wrote
in case I get "disappeared". -- BH


Senator Ball! We were so very encouraged by your "Over my dead body" speech. What happened?

I speak for no organization, no group, only myself. But I will tell you --> this is a BIG BIG BIG mistake.

Before you FRACK US-- don't you want to get to know us first? Come over here and try to find that "dying economy". Where do you get that from? Sounds like IPAA / IOGA / API PR/Hype/BULL-SH*T

Don't listen to that BS Siena Poll. It's an uncalibrated instrument giving a clearly false result. The people ARE NOT split on the issue. Try to find a majority here who wants fracking. (What you will find is the opposite). Prove to us that fracking can be done safely. IT CANNOT. And those "frack us first" resolutions WERE NOT passed by referendum, but under the cloak of darkness WITHOUT public input.

We've looked at the science too, and have seen that FRACKING IS INHERENTLY UNSAFE. It's harms CANNOT be regulated or mitigated. Fracking is MURDER. It is war. If Governor Andrew Cuomo issues ONE PERMIT, we will consider it an act of aggression. And we will take measures to protect ourselves against aggressors.

Does the Governor want a Civil War? Do you want blood on your hands?
CEASE AND DESIST! We will protect this land.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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