Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bradford County PA, the place with the sweetest water...

Bradford County PA, the place with the sweetest water on Planet Earth
is now a massive, toxic, INDUSTRIAL WASTE STORAGE DUMP.

My mother, her name was Esther Mae Hotalen.
She was from Athens, Bradford County, PA.

Here is what the place looks like now.
Please, look at this map for a while, then kindly read my comments below.

This image is an Animation. Takes 25 seconds to see the whole thing:

Animation of various layers of information about Bradford County.
Each Orange Dot is a multi-well pad. Each well receives at least 80 tons of toxic chemicals.
Bradford County PA is being turned into a CHEMICAL WASTE DUMP.

Keep in mind 95% of these infrastructure has been put into place in just the last 5 years.

Graphic adapted from here:
1,142 wells in Bradford County * 80 tons of chemicals per frack per well = 91,000 tons.

To get a sense of the scale of this:
91,000 tons is a train of 100 ton tanker cars over 9 miles long. 

Fracking 1,142 wells in Bradford County Pennsylvania
Required enough chemicals to fill a train like this 9 miles long.

This is the amount of chemicals dumped here at only 2% development.

This is "Love Canal" x10,000.

This entire gas field will be utterly depleted in 25 years.

And we will be left with a BIG TOXIC MESS
and lots of useless infrastructure pipelines and compressor station IRON
to rust and rot.

Listen here to FERC Chairman Nominee Herb Binz
where he seems to admit these pipelines will be useless after 25 years

Bradford County PA, 
the place with the sweetest water
from my childhood

This ("Station 319") is one of at least 20 compressor stations in Bradford County, PA.

Rohm and Haas Chemical Plant,
Bristol, PA, 10 miles upwind
from my home town in New Jersey
I grew up drinking
South Jersey Chlorine Water.

It was water which was already contaminated by human sewage and industrial wastes.

Across the river in Bristol PA
was the Rohm and Haas plant
which made Plexiglass for the military
and industrial users. The plant emitted
incredibly foul odors, a horrible chemical stench. We lived ~10 miles away, often downwind.

My mom died of lung cancer when I was 11 yo.
She never smoked.

Anyway, they put chlorine into city water where I grew up
because it pulls a lot of pollutants out as precipitate.

But they never can remove all the chlorine from the water.
(I grew up drinking, essentially, pool water.)

But I used to come up here to Bradford County PA
and drink the water
, from my aunt Ruth's well.

It tasted so good!
It was the best water I've ever tasted. 

Today, this is Bradford County:
Home of Contaminated Water
and Abandoned Homes (due to contaminated water).

This is just the beginning....

This is Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
Home of Contaminated Water and Abandoned Homes

My family are educated farmers.
My family are good stewards of the land.

This was an industrial invasion.
An industrial assault.
This is a war against my people.

This is a war against the land.
It is an extreme rape of the land.

And when you understand about M. King Hubbert
and about the Energy Cliff where EROEI=1,
then you can plainly see we are in a ROCKET SLED
Accelerating towards an energy cliff. 

Pursuing Tar Sands
and Fracking
is such extreme Violence and Stupidity...

THIS INVASION, so complete,
required a takeover of the local and state government authority
by foreign corporations and their agents.

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1776
The mineral wealth of the Great Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the United States Constitution
and the Liberty Bell, is being stolen.

The local people are suffering great destruction
and very little benefit.

This place is being RAPED by a Mechanical Juggernaut.
The people here COULD NOT SAY NO to this.

Will someone please come here
and help us stop this?

Can anyone hear this request?

There are many people here
who do not have clean water to drink
because of fracking.

This is an Extreme crime against human kind
and a Crime against Nature of Epic Proportion
happening here in Bradford County PA...
The place with the sweetest water from my youth.

I pray to God: Please Help Us.
Please help restore this species to sanity.
Please help save this beautiful place.

May God Bless This Place
and my people -- the people of this land
for Seven Generations!

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.


Vera said...

yes, my Mom died of lung cancer in cancer-row New Jersey and she never smoked and neither did my Dad. Yes, the sweetest water here in Susquehanna County and bordering counties of agricultural land; Now massive industrialization and pollution and desecration of sacred land and air and life. thanks, Bill, for reporting all this and crying out to the world/universe to do something about it.

james wright said...

Bill: You and Vera need to find REAL jobs and stop trying to be proxies of the super rich in NYC and the Catskills to steal our land in upstate NY.

Terica said...

I just reposted your blog on mine !
wow what great info .Our Lee co Commissioner / NC-MEC fracking chairman Jim Womack is friends & Partners with the commissioner of Bradford Co PA , in a group called "America's Counties for Energy Independence "
They are Promoting fracking our counties with funding from Our counties through Dues .
They are not there for the people but the Business.