Monday, September 30, 2013

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Compressor Station 319

I was driving around Bradford County PA on Saturday (9/28/13) and happened to find one of the largest compressor stations I've ever seen.

 Bradford County PA, showing natural gas pipelines (blue), hazardous liquids pipelines (red)
and the massive Compressor Station 319 (red star), located at junction between the TGP300 (east-west) and the CNYOG N-S Line (a/k/a "Stagecoach line") going north, and the Marc-1 Pipeline going South.

A massive site, still under construction. The Compressor on the left (west) is the CNYOG.
The smaller compressor nearest the road (to the south, or bottom of the photo) seems to be an existing compressor for the TGP300 line. The rest of the complex, with several additional large compressors is apparently in support of the TGP300 Northeast Upgrade Project.

Kinder Morgan (Tennessee Pipeline Company)
Regional System Map (from SEC filings)

Just the map w/o pipelines.
Red star = Compressor 319. Bradford County PA in outline.
Montrose Pa (Susquehanna County) to the east.

Compressor Station 319 (sign)
State Route 1004/Turkey Path Rd,
off 706 just north of Wyalusing, PA
GPS: 41.707,-76.209

This is the CNYOG compressor to the west of the compound.

Notice the gas processing towards (white) in the background,
likely glycol dehydrators.

Looks like at least a 30" line, maybe larger.

Lots of construction activity. Many earth moving machines at work this Saturday.
Notice the cut through the forest to the right for the pipeline ROW.

Looks like 5 exhaust stacks (one is hidden behind trees)
This is a large building, I would say the roof is 20-25' tall.
Animation of various layers of information about Bradford County

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