Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 22 LNG reg: Large parts of the DEC's LNG regs were WRITTEN BY INDUSTRY!

Have you written your LNG reg today?

Expanding on Sandra's comments for today:

A large section of the LNG regulations WERE NOT WRITTEN by the DEC.

They were written by an industry trade organization called NFPA:
the National Fire Prevention Association, and are "incorporated
by reference" into the law.

Only problem: The PUBLIC LAWS (which the regs form a part)
are public property and subject to Sunshine Laws.

Whereas the NFPA's codes are INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (trade secrets).
(Can't make this stuff up, folks!)

These documents are online, but
a) they cannot be browsed anonymously
b) they are not controlled by public process, or the legislature
c) they cannot be searched
d) and cannot be printed or downloaded.

Oh, one more thing:
I have discovered the NFPA has connections to the American Petroleum Institute.


Might want to mention this in your comments to the DEC.

More info:

Get Busy!

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be happy and free from suffering :)
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