Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PA Fracking wastes being treated at Endicott NY? -- interesting comment from a Village Trustee

In case you missed it, I've been helping compile a lot of documentation and photos
coming from people on the ground in Endicott, who have been following
STINKY TRUCKS coming into the village. 

This is an index of all the articles so far:

Tonight I was a Village of Endicott Trustee meeting,
where I asked Trustee Nirchi 
(* who is also Chief of Security at Huron Assoc, where EIT rents space)
the following question:

BH: "Trustee Nirchi*, are they treating PA fracking wastes
   at the EIT Waste Treatment Facility?"

Trustee Nirchi: That's proprietary business information.

Well isn't that a curious way to answer.

Not "yes".... not "no".
But "that's proprietary".


Just like the fracking fluids.
(video is coming soon)

PS: Where is a) the mainstream media on this?
b) the DEC, c) the NY Legislature,
d) the NGOs? Sierra Club? FWW? NYAF? Frack Action? Riverkeeper?
I know everyone is working hard on many different issues now,
but we could really use some help here, friends.
Spotlight, Sunshine, etc.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


Julie Mundt said...

Hi, Bill,

Thanks for this. I talked to Gloria in Donna Lupardo's office today, and she had me forward your link (that included the other important links).

Donna wrote back shortly afterwards to say that Gloria was unaware that she'd been looking into this for a while. She's contacted reporters and DEC people apparently and said she should know more shortly.

We all need to keep pressing wherever we can. I'm horrified by this.


Sweet Autumn Farm said...

Whatever you can find out about this, let us know. Just tonight I took pictures of DEP signs stating that WECARE ORGANICS biosolid was being used. If it was/is a clean worthwhile product, why are they using it in the middle of a remote PA forest?

Bill Huston said...

Sweet Autumn Farm-- Here is a video produced by John Stauber (co-author of the book on Public Relations called "Toxic Sludge is Good for You!") where he broke the story about "biosolids". Check this video:


Bill Huston said...

Also, here is Deborah Koons Garcia ("Future of Food") on this topic. (She was invited to speak at a "Biosolids" conference, and then she said a bit more than they expected her to say!