Monday, December 23, 2013

Fracking + Dought + Earthquakes

Fracking + Drought + Earthquakes.
Composite Image / Animation

Assembled by William Huston
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Used image processing to combine maps (very imprecise!)
Red Areas seem to be of highest concern.

Here is the animation, followed by the individual images:

Data sources:
  • Fracking: "US Shale Plays" map, Energy Information Administration
  • Drought: "US Drought Monitor" map, NOAA / USAD
  • Earthquakes: "Shaking Hazard" map, USGS

Individual images:

1: Fracking

2: Drought

3: Earthquakes

4: Fracking + Dought

5: Fracking + Earthquakes

6: Dought + Earthquakes

7: Fracking + Dought + Earthquakes

8: Sources/Credits

1 comment:

Vera said...

it should be obvious to all that you mess with Nature and water levels on this magnitude, we will suffer dire consequences in the years ahead...