Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Lame Fracking Website; Now Criminal Impersonation? Broome Co. Exec Debbie Preston is on a roll!

Debbie's First Blunder of the week:

Broome County Exec unveils a new "comprehensive" One Stop Shop for Gas Drilling Info
in Broome County:

Lamest Website Ever

Coupla problems:
  • Comprehensive? Hah. It's nearly content-free.
  • They spent $6,000 of taxpayer money and a year developing it!
  • But there's no mention of any negative impacts. Probably just an oversight?
  • Just a few links to industry sources, pro-fracking landowner groups, etc.
  • As websites go, it's pitiful.
Oh and one other small detail:

There's no economic shale gas in the whole state:

(as you'll find out in Vestal on Friday: )
But the best part is this quote: Preston says,
"This is not a push to promote safe natural gas drilling in New York state."

Which is either a Freudian slip or a bit of inadvertent honesty.
Now, you can always spot a fracker, because they can't say "gas drilling"
without sticking the words "safe" and/or "responsible" in there.

We know she's a fracker, so this is  no surprise.

But if we take her quote literally, are we to infer that the true purpose
of the website is to promote UNSAFE gas drilling?

Or are they not promoting "safe drilling" because that doesn't exist?


But it only gets better, folks!
Debbie's Second Blunder of the week:

Our pro-fracking Broome Co. Exec dresses up like a cop
stumping for the incumbent Sheriff Harder.

This is the tag team that just acquired a freaking monster truck
for the SWAT team. (US Army Surplus).

You know, in case any grannies decide to lay down in a road to protect
our food, air, and water from an industrial invasion....

What the hell is this for?

Um, there's only one problem with dressing up in an official uniform
to solicit funds for, e.g., someone running for an elected office.

It's illegal.

If she was fundraising for Sheriff Harder,
then this appears to be a class A misdemeanor.

NY Penal Law:

S 190.25 Criminal impersonation in the second degree.  
  A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the second degree when
  1. Impersonates another and does an act in such assumed character with
     intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another; or
  2. Pretends to be a representative of some person or organization and
     does an act in such pretended capacity with intent to obtain a benefit
     or to injure or defraud another; or 
  3. (a) Pretends to be a public servant, or wears or displays without
     authority any uniform, badge, insignia or facsimile thereof by which
     such public servant is lawfully distinguished, or falsely expresses by
     his words or actions that he is a public servant or is acting with
     approval or authority of a public agency or department; and (b)
     so acts  with intent to induce another to submit to such pretended 
    official  authority, to solicit funds or to otherwise cause another
     to act in  reliance upon that pretense. 
  4. Impersonates  another  by  communication  by  internet  website 
    or  electronic  means  with  intent to obtain a benefit or injure 
    or defraud  another, or by such communication pretends to be  a 
    public  servant  in  order  to  induce another to submit to such 
    authority or act in reliance  on such pretense.    
Criminal impersonation in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

h/t: John Solak

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