Saturday, February 1, 2014

Report on "Low Shale Gas in NY" show / Vestal

Maybe the last
Allstadt - Brock - Acton show
this one in Vestal at Binghamton University
Dr. Ingraffea moderated.

Overall, it was another great show.
Completely relaxed and flowed smoothly.

No sign of the complete organizational
meltdown there had been,

SUNY-Bingo is terrified by fracking --
really goes insane.

I mean -- BU is already insane!
If you've lived here as long as I have
15 years, then you know this already.

But BU went way beyond their default wackiness.
Completely irrational fears
you just can't imagine the hoops and games.

Net effect:
The room was too small,
125 people seated,
40+ people turned away.
And we had some audio issues.

Missing a certain component.
Chip's bit on economics...

Chip's busy riding a three-wheeled trike
around White Rock Lake.  ... In a Parka.

The show was still tight and consistent.
Lou picked up a bit of the slack.
Brian had some updates about the Utica Shale.
Jerry said he model was tuned
with latest PA drilling data.

A few pro-gas folks showed up.
A few typical left-field questions:

How did you get here?
How do you heat your house?

Lou and Jerry were a mixture:
wood and oil I think.
Brian was pure wood IIRC.

Tony said:

"I'm building a 100% passive home, no inputs.
I am going to show you that it can be done.
It is possible.

... Shazzam!

My portrait of Tony:

Ingraffea Portrait CC-BY-NC (2014)  WilliamAHuston -- I reserve all commercial rights.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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