Friday, February 7, 2014

PA DEP Determination Letters / Laura Legere/Scranton Times Tribune, and Vera Scroggins RTK

Laura Legere and the Scranton Times-Tribune

Laura Legere and the Scranton Times-Tribune did a series of articles
on the 969 PA DEP determination letters about water complaints statewide,
of which 161 were positive determinations:
The actual determination letters are here:

I have all 973 letters as a single compressed folder,
however it is 450 mb (big).

Let me know if you want that and I will give you a link to it.

I can also give you a series of 10 PDFs
(about 45 mb each) which contain all 973 letters.

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability has compiled some
additional determination letters obtained by Vera Scroggins RTK request.
These are organized by township:
Hope this helps!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
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August Braun said...

Bill: Times Tribune had a great map in it......fascinating! It also disproves STRONGLY the Acton/Brock/Allstadt assertions that there is virtually no recoverable gas in NY. There is a plethora of complaints that run along along the ENTIRE LENGTH of the NY/PA border. Does anyone really believe that the gas stops at the NY border with this large number of complaint sites along the border?

Bill Huston said...

I usually don't post your comments "August", because you use a fake name, and your comments are mostly range between from bullying to bullshit, and I suspect you are an industry-paid shill.

That being said, this is a question I've heard repeated, so I'll publish your comment and my response.

> Does anyone really believe that the gas stops at the NY border

You have clearly not watched their presentation, because this is not what they say.

Why don't you watch it and then come back and talk? The core is Jerry Acton's presention, but Brian Brock's is also fundamental as he explains the geological factors involved.