Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cabot CEO talking about "Exit Strategy" !!!

4Q2013 Cabot Investory Call 2-21-14
Drew Venker - Morgan Stanley

I was hoping you would talk about whether there's anything unusual driving your wider differentials year to date, if there's any infrastructure outages or if this is just more related to volume growth from the region?

Where's all that damn gas you promised us?
Dan Dinges - Chairman, President and CEO

Well, predominantly related to the volume growth in the region. The differential is a real phenomenon.
We have a plan in place with our exit strategy out of Susquehanna County
Certainly, going to be a little bit of time before we reach that milestone,
but it's predominantly related to the growth in the area.

Look man, this place is nearly tapped-out.

There's a big mess here, in case you haven't seen the news.
The Eco-NIMBY's are killing us in the press,
and frankly, we're lookin' to get the hell out of Dodge
PDQ, before there's a lynching.

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