Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gasbag Bully: Letter #1

Frank G. Chernega of Endicott

This is the first in a DREADFUL series,
Where I get inside the mind of a Gasbag Bully 
named Frank G. Chernega.

He lives in Endicott and has a solar panel. 
Watch out! If he finds out you like solar energy,
and you don't have one on your roof,
he might try to hit you with his!!

unless you have something ready to VOMIT into.

Weird thing: The Press and Sun Bulletin LOVES this guy!
They print his letters all the time.

Only they are FILLED with factual errors,  
►logical fallacies, ad hominem / attacking the man. 

There is virtually NOTHING Frank gets right!
I'm not kidding. I will show you.

Whereas, I send them skillfully written letters
and Guest Viewpoints with factual information
about the dangers of gas drilling with my unique,
original research and perspective.

Why do they print Frank's pro-gas letters,
but not my pro-clean-air-and-water letters?

What is the source of their Bias?
Have the illustrious Binghamton Press and the Sun Bulletin
de-volved into just a advertisment delivery device?
A pro-business "Daily Shopper" disguised as a "News"?

How pathetic that would be.
I feel a technicolor HURL coming on...

Let's hope that's not really true
and they will demonstrate some integrity here:
a duty to truth
and not just commerce,
and violence.

First the letter, then footnotes.
Get that barf bag out...

Gasbag Letter #1:

5-19-2013  N.Y. laws on drilling will be tighter than Pa.’s

Carol Egan’s May 14 antidrilling letter1 about her gas drill pad survey trip to Pennsylvania may reflect what is present there, but the contrary will be true here in New York.

She stated that “Some sites had a runoff pond.” According to Department of Environmental Conservation law2: “Flowback water is prohibited from being directed to or stored in any on-site pit or impoundment. Covered watertight steel tanks or covered watertight tanks constructed of another material approved by the department are required for flowback handling and containment on the well pad.” 3

She also states it takes one to two years to construct a well, but every source that I’ve ever seen it states that it takes 12 to 15 weeks to complete a drill pad, and the drilling of a well bore takes but a few weeks.

She alluded to drill pad locations, too. The DEC gives a complete and in-depth analysis of drill pad siting and how it takes extreme measures to protect all our water supplies.

Egan is well advised to study the DEC website to see how drilling will be done in New York to overcome her serious case of NIMBY. 4




To help you understand the various arguments, we are coding each logical fallacy with an icon representing the fallacy or twisted logic.
Ad Hominem:
"Attack the Man"
Straw Man: A false
characterization erected
as a distraction

1: "Anti" is name calling. Most people whom I know who are fighting gas drilling do not define themselves as an "Anti". This is a name (ad hominem) that people like Gas PR Hitman Tom Shepstone developed to use against us.

He calls us "anti-gas" or "anti-development".
His friend Vic Furman sarcastically says he represents New York Residents Against Development. NO-- we prefer to define ourselves in terms of a Positive, Shared Values. This is Clean Air and Water.  Even Vic Furman, Tom Shepstone, and Frank "Gasbag" Chernega like clean water to drink.

He starts out, rather than just commenting on what Carol Egan says, he calls her letter "antidrilling", which evokes a certain feeling in a target audience: poor local landowners. They have been conditioned FOR YEARS to feel hatred for the ECO NIMBY BLUE-BLOODS who HATE GAS and OPPOSE ALL DEVELOPMENT and are depriving US of opportunity, jobs, clean burning domestic fuel. So calling Carol's letter "anti-drilling" evokes a kind of prejudice, and maybe hatred. -- ONLY THING IS-- none of those things are true. It is 100% propaganda, and FALSE and defamation, and name-calling.

Suggestion #1: The Press and Sun should not print letters with personal attacks or name-calling.
2: There is no such thing as "Department of Environmental Conservation law". That is meaningless gibberish.

There is the The Department of Environmental Conservation. This is a cabinet-level regulatory agency under the Governor.  This agency must implement the law passed by the Legislature

Then there is Environmental Conservation Law (ECL). This the NY state law passed by the Legislature, which is a representative body of the People.

Suggestion #2: The Press and Sun should do basic fact-checking before publication.
Pure Steaming
Field Putty
3: What Frank is quoting here is not law. It is not even regulations. There are no regulations on the books in NY regulating shale gas drilling!. This is, in fact, the PROPOSED REGULATION 6 NYCRR 560.6(c)(27). These proposed regulations have expired, and are dead. There is no way they will be moved into effect without restarting the process outlined by the State Administrative Procedure Act.

Helen Slottje explains all about the rdSGEIS and the proposed Regs in detail here:
Suggestion #3: The Press and Sun should do basic fact-checking before publication. 

4: "NIMBY" is just more name calling. 

Suggestion #4: The Press and Sun should not print letters with personal attacks or name-calling. Letters should stick to the facts.


This has all come about because the Press and Sun Bulletin apparently refuses to print my letter about the Unconstitutional Pipeline.

I have have followed this project from the beginning. I have attended and recorded nearly every public hearing on this project. I have done tons of original research about this project.

This project will have GRAVE regional impacts.

I have thoroughly studied FERC's Draft Environmental Impact Study, and it is highly defective. The hearings that were held at the beginning of April are the subject of a Guest Viewpoint I submitted, but which the Press (apparently) refuses to print. Chris Kocher, the editor of the Opinion Pages claims that "Letters can drive civic engagement", but not if the Press refuses to print them.

I have a pretty good idea that my letter is being blocked by the Business editor Jeff Platsky. Let's just say that Jeff has blocked me, and even attacked me personally in the past.

So I would appreciate it if you would call the Press and Sun Bulletin, and ask them to "Print Bill Huston's Letter about the Unconstitutional Pipeline". Thanks.

  • Opinion Pages: Chris Kocher (607) 798-1327 
  • Business Editor: Jeff Plattsky (607) 798-1178
  • Executive Editor: Neill A. Borowski (607) 798-1186
  • If you don't reach a human: try calling: Newsdesk: (607) 798-1151  



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I like clean water, so in my mind that makes me "Pro-Water."

motoclown said...

I am "Pro-Water!" Water is LIFE!