Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Permits are for Punks" -- Alan Armstrong, CEO Williams Partners

When the Global Business Elite formed a plan to export fracked gas from Pennsylvania to Alberta Canada for Tar Sands Development, you can imagine they faced some big challenges in getting the plan to market. That's why they chose the Williams Partners to "get-er-done".

Recently, we spoke with Alan Armstrong, CEO of the Williams Companies, to explain his business strategy.

Basically, we can summarize our approach as:
Bribery, Bullying, and Bold Action.
Our Community grants program is a legitimate way for our money to spread influence among the decision-makers of a community. And I'm amazed how we can squash citizen resistance with a couple of busloads of Teamsters jacked up on coffee and a chicken dinner.

(Yeah, we used to fear the Unions. We own 'em now! Ha ha!)

And permits are the biggest hindrance to meeting the demands of our customers.  So our policy has become: Fuck permits. Build it now. We like to say: "Permits are for Punks!"  ... LOL! 

We're Williams Partners!
We don't need any fucking permits.
We show up to Win.
Get over it.

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