Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why won't the Press+Sun Bulletin publish my letters?

The Press and Sun Bulletin has a love affair with GAS BULLY Frank George Chernega, despite that his letters are filled with misinformation, factual errors, and name-calling. Here's a summary of the last few I could find:
  • 5/19/13 letter 193 words
    N.Y. laws on drilling will be tighter than Pa.’s
  • 6-23-13 Guest Viewpoint 462 words
    ‘Gasland 2’ filled with lies and omissions
  • 9/11/13 Guest viewpoint  470 words
    Claims ignore history of fracking in New York

  • 10/8/13:  Guest viewpoint 351 words
    Gas company funding does not invalidate studies'
  •  2-18-14 Guest Viewpoint 489 words
    Greenhouse gas study on fracking has many flaws

Whereas here are the last few letters I've sent, which they have refused to published:
  • 7/31/12 "Response to Jon Campbell "No difference in public's fracking opinion" 7-28-2012
  • 8/31/12 Gas Industry Inciting Violence Against Fractivists
  • 9/5/12 Has Binghamton's water already been affected by Fracking?
  • 04/11/14 The Unconstitutional Pipeline

Is it me? A personal ban? (I know Jeff Platsky hates me, and blocked his paper from investigating the story of 98 unconventional gas wells WITHIN the headwaters of the Binghamton City water supply, is it "wasn't news").

Or is Frank George Chernega a plant? an PAID industry SHILL? A PR "spin doctor"?

Many of us have suspected this since he first showed up on the scene about a year ago.
Why? Because he is a bully like other paid shills (Energy in Depth, Tom Shepstone) who uses name-calling, defamation, and personal attacks rather than substance.

He also uses a very strange kind of logic which is widely seen in those PR Professionals following the Gas Industry "PR Playbook", but is rarely seen amongst normal persons.

So if Frank G. Chernega is a paid shill, then maybe the PSB is paid to print his bullshit?

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