Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Group: Occupy the Constitution Pipeline

We are entering a new phase of the "Constitution Pipeline" resistance.
This calls for a new group: Occupy the Constitution Pipeline.

Please sign up for our new email list:!aboutgroup/occupy-the-constitution-pipeline

See the IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW about listserv membership.

While FERC has ordered a delay in issuing the final EIS, their objections are
not substantive. The FERC has largely ignored most of our substantive comments. 
This means that if the applicant satisfies certain trivial items, FERC will likely
green-light the project.

While the group Stop the Pipeline (or STP) is singularly focused the proscribed
administrative remedy
, and organizing people primarily in Delaware and Otsego
counties, this new group will broaden the discussion by:
  • Exploring alternative administrative remedies
    which for various reasons, STP are not pursuing

  • Organizing people all along the route.

  • Strategies and Tactics, such as Nonviolent Direct Actions (NVDA),
    should all administrative plans fail.

    (STP feels they legally cannot discuss on their listserv)

Historical Context:

This is very common for groups to split into these complementary paths. In the 1980s,
There was first Concerned Citizens of Allegany County (CCAC), and then the
Allegany County Nonviolent Action Group (ACNAG). 

(For a look at a SUCCESSFUL environmental movement, about how a small group
defeated the plan to install a nuclear dump in upstate NY, please see the EXCELLENT film,
"My Name is
Allegany County": )

In the Spectra Pipeline, there was first the Sane Energy Project, and then "Occupy the Pipeline".

Complementary Roles and Mission.

Occupy the Constitution Pipeline and Stop the Pipeline will have identical missions:
to Stop the UNconstitional Pipeline from destroying upstate NY and NE PA by
increased fracking there.  We will just have different approaches.

Don't Worry! You can be involved in both groups!

Again: Please sign up for our new email list:!aboutgroup/occupy-the-constitution-pipeline

If you have problems, please email me and I will send you an invite.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are taking great efforts to keep industry people off this
listserv so we can speak candidly. So please BE PREPARED to give information about
yourself, your town of residence, and why you want to join.

Preference will be given to:
  • Directly impacted landowners, INCLUDING THOSE in the NE PA "Sacrifice Zone",
    and those who live within a mile or so of the proposed pipeline

  • Intervenors in CP13-499

  • Well known people with a history of environmental activism or community organizing

  • People with strong references (Recommended by at 3 other members)

  • NVDA trainers
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May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta

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