Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Major WIN in Illinois! -- Fracking Fast-Track bill is dead.,0,5572516.story

You may remember this mayhem in the Illinois
House Executive Committee Hearings on proposed
fracking regulatory bill, SB 1715, on May 21, 2013:

Josh Fox and Sandra Steingraber testified. The chair of the
committee (and the bill sponsor, Rep. John Bradley) were clearly
rushing things along, and didn't really want to give opponents time to speak.

The bill was approved in committee, and people stormed out of the room
chanting. Adopted by the full legislature soon after.

Flash forward to now. While the IL Dept of Natural Resources (IDNR)
is busy with making regulations++ (similar to the SGEIS and Reg process in NY),
the legislature tried to fast-track fracking without any regs at all! *

(++ The IDNR received 30,000 comments on the proposed regulations!!)
(* Sound similar, NY? Like approving the SGEIS w/o regs)

This fast-track bill was a compromise negotiated behind closed doors
by some "compromise oriented" NGOs, i.e., NGOs which support
fracking with "strong regulations".

The compromise was that there would be a moratorium on fracking in Northern Illinois,
where BTW there isn't any gas. But the industry flip-flopped (who had a seat at the table
during negotiations) and decided to withdraw support the bill because of a ANY moratorium.

Of course the environmental community opposed the fast-track-to-frack IL bill.

Sandra wrote this on Facebook:

"Environmental groups who helped negotiate the bill have said that the rulemaking process is working as planned and that there is no delay."

MAKE NO MISTAKE, not all "environmental groups" partook in negotiating the Illinois fracking rules.
See Jeff Biggers' 2013 YES! Magazine article quoting Sandra denouncing the rules as "the result of closed-door
negotiations between industry representatives and compromise-oriented environmental organizations."

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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