Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to perform an impossible task (e.g., miracles)

Friends, here is an amazing lesson from Metaphysics for activists facing an IMPOSSIBLE task:

OK, so it's impossible!
Big deal.
Suggest you forget about it entirely.
Put the impossible task out of your mind.

Instead, think in terms of "baby steps".
Formulate a small goal which is achievable and moves you,
even infinitesimally, closer to your goal.

And sometimes very smart people will say,
 "But what's the point of that?
Why make baby steps where there is only the impossible goal looming? 
It's a waste of time!"
And so these very smart people become motivated-- 
through a completely rational process-- into paralysis. 

Yet, what I have seen,
over and over in the anti-fracking fight in NY is this:
if you win a series of little goals, baby steps,
*sometimes* it turns into winning the ballgame.

So, this is the way to achieve the impossible.

It happens all the time!
You might call it a miracle.

They way to get these to happen
is through a mental process only.

I learned it in Yoga,
but you can find it other places too.

My yoga teacher says "it is 100% pure technique".
 Means, anyone can learn it,
and anyone can achieve skill through practice.

The technique is called "Mindfullness" by Buddhists,
or sometimes "Insight" (looking inwardly).

The bottom line is this:
I suggest that you not by dismayed 
by the burden of an impossible task, 
or even a dozen!

I have found, through Mindfulness,
the difficult is made easy.
The Impossible takes a little more time.
Here is one of the best into videos
explaining the technique,
which Sri Goenkaji calls "Vipassana".

If you want more details about Mindfulness for Activists
or "How to achieve impossible tasks"
feel free to email me and I will try to help:

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