Saturday, July 11, 2015

When will Catskill Mountainkeeper issue a correction? (and provide REAL HELP to communities suffering threats from infrastructure?)

When will Catskill Mountainkeeper issue a correction?
(and provide REAL HELP to communities suffering threats from infrastructure?)

Yesterday, Friday Jul 10, 2015 at 10:17 AM

Catskill Mountainkeeper issued an alert with TWO serious errors.

Subject : Help stop the gas pipeline invasion

Error #1: First is the call to action:

 QUOTE: "It's critical that we send a large contingent
to this hearing to tell FERC ..... (stuff)".

Oh really? The implication is that attending a hearing
and "telling FERC" stuff is likely get "help stop the pipeline invasion?"
What is the evidence for that?

What I have seen over the last 3 years, by studying the Constitution Pipeline
and dozens of other FERC Dockets is that FERC is a rogue agency,
a Rubber Stamp Machine, funded by the very industry it is supposed to
regulate, and operating outside and in defiance to our system of laws.
They approve every project and DO NOT listen to our concerns.

The actions of the FERC commissioners are putting many human lives
in great risk of harm unnecessarily.

So it's GREAT that Catskill Mountainkeeper wants to help!!!
But participating only in the proscribed process is pretty-much
GUARANTEED to get us a pipeline.

Error #2: EVEN WORSE: they published the WRONG DATE for Schoharie and Oneonta!

I became aware of the problem at 10PM and issued my own alert at 10:24 PM,
informing Catskill Mountainkeeper (CMK) via multiple channels.

At 9am I received this message via Facebook:

Hi, William, we are figuring out what to do about the mistake in
the alert and passing your suggestion on to program staff. Linda

It is now 6:30pm Saturday. The WRONG date CMK told people to attend
is now just 3 days away. Many people do not check their email every day.

The longer CMK waits, the more chance that people will come ON THE WRONG
DAY, some possibly driving many miles.

I know Wes reads this list, but has never sent me a personal email that I
can recall.

If someone on this list has connections to CMK or Wes Gillingham,
can you please inform them how critical it is that they issue
a correction ASAP?

PS: How about CMK offering to host NVDA trainings?
THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED NOW, not sending people to a corrupt FERC hearing.

We have TWO big pipeline projects in NY now which have
already been approved by FERC and there is NO PLAN IN PLACE
for any kind of on-the-ground strategy. We are at war and about
to have some beautiful parts of NY DESTROYED which CMK
is chartered to protect.

There has been great success in the past using
Delaware Riverkeeper Networks "Legal Observer Training"
documenting safety and compliance issues, and this is
100% LEGAL! It is NOT Civil Disobediance.

How about it CMK? WE NEED HELP HERE!


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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