Friday, March 4, 2016

Was it Megan Holleran's Tears which drove Aubrey McClendon to take his own life?

Well this is really weird!! That Philly dot Com makes aa connection between Megan Holleran's maple trees and Aubrey McClendon's firey death.

Just last night I was looking at a photo of Megan Holleran (taken by Bob Nilsson) who had maintained a calm, rational composure for a full month of keeping the chainsaw crews at bay, finally breaking down and crying as her trees were being cut, and thinking about Aubrey McClendon, the strange coincidence and synchronicity.

And also thinking about Gandhi's Satyagraha, which is the transformative metaphysical power which underlies his theory of Civil Disobedience. Gandhi described it as an overwhelming sense of grief and remorse which occurs when the person realizes what they have been doing has been harming people.

Only Philly dot Com has the timeline wrong:

QUOTE: "It was right around the moment that the first chainsaw was cutting into maple bark when a newsflash swept through the business world and beyond: Aubrey McClendon -- the ostentatious Oklahoma billionaire who was also essentially the godfather of our Pennsylvania fracking explosion, enmeshed in controversy until his final hours – had died under murky circumstances. ENDQUOTE

In fact, it was Tuesday, not Wednesday, when the Holleran's Maple trees started to fall, the same day Aubrey McClendon was indicted.

This means it was a full 24 hrs before he drove his Chevy Tahoe into the cement wall, the day he was supposed to turn himself into the custody of Federal Marshals. Wednesday was also the day DRN filed a major lawsuit against FERC.

So I thought, maybe it was somehow Megan's tears, and not fear of prison, when sent Aubrey into the wall?

And the businesses were all connected. The industry press has been buzzing for weeks that the CHK stock price meltdown and pending bankruptcy were pulling down a dozen different midstream companies, including Williams Partners, and also Energy Transfer Partners, threatening the latter's buyout of the former.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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