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Adrian-- Do you *REALLY* want to Resist Trump?

Note: This is a response to Adrian Kuzminski, moderator of Sustainable Otsego, to an email he sent out soliciting people to come to a "Resist Trump" event. -- BH

Thanks Adrian.

Now, do you REALLY want to resist the Trump agenda? Or do you want to REPEAT THE SAME FAILED STRATEGIES which brought us Trump?

Then READ THIS and I will explain how these "Resist Trump" groups (and there are dozens) are being organized by the SAME PEOPLE who gave us Trump to being with!

I just want to point out that ANY group which is (Trump) "Resistance" focused, (and here is a big list: ) are


Here's a list of a bunch of them. There could be hundreds!

If you've lived in NY, you will no doubt be familiar with how Citizen Action works with Working Families Party.
  • Citizen Action works to PUSH the Democratic Party Policy agenda DOWN TO local groups. This is just the OPPOSITE of how true grassroots activism should work. I started going to Citizen Action meetings around the time I first moved to Binghamton (early 2000s) and learned early on that THEY DO NOT LISTEN to any policy objectives of locals. It is 100% totally TOP DOWN, coming from... ??? (who knows?)
  • Working Families Party is a SCAM, a RACKET called "Electoral Fusion" or "Cross Ballot Endorsement". It is ILLEGAL in 42 states:

    The entire function of WFP and all Fusion parties (Liberal Party, Right to Life Party, Conservative Party, etc) is to

    a) Give the corporate candidate MORE BALLOT LINES
    b) Push 3rd party candidates to the margins, literally
    c) Capture the "Protest Vote" which might go to a Socialist, Green, or Libertarian, and give it to the corporate candidate.

To join an Indivisible group, you must PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to their "resist Trump" strategy. They DO NOT propose a legislative agenda based on positive, shared values!
They even state in their booklet:

We recommend two guiding principles:

»» Donald Trump's agenda will take America backwards, and it must be stopped.

»» To work together to achieve this goal, we must model the values
of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness.

As discussed in the second chapter, we strongly recommend focusing on defense against the Trump agenda rather than developing an entire alternative policy agenda.

Defining a proactive agenda is time-intensive, divisive, and, quite frankly, a distraction, since there is zero chance that we as progressives will get to put our agenda into action at the federal level in the next four years.

You DO know that the primary reasons we have Trump are:
  1. 8 years of Toxic Neoliberalism under Barack Obama
    • Recall: Democratic Party is WIPED OUT from coast to coast
    • Lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats under Obama
    • See complete list of OBAMA CRIMES below
  2. 8 years of Neoliberalism under Bill Clinton
If you doubt this, here are some resources to jog your memory:
  • She is a Career Criminal with a 30 year rap sheet
  • Queen of Fracking
  • Queen of WalMart
  • Queen of Wall St. 
  • Clinton Foundation
  • 3 Congressional/FBI investigations
    (1: Libya, 2: Insecure/Offsite Email Server,  3: Clinton Foundation) 
  • Clinton Body Count
  • A Really Bad liar 
  • Wikileaks!!
  • Cheated Bernie
  • Does not connect with ordinary people
  • Every time she speaks in public, her poll numbers go down
  • ....
She also FAILED TO PROMOTE ANY AGENDA based on positive, shared values, like Bernie was doing. She was (her camp were) only ATTACKING TRUMP.

So now Indivisible, and all these other Democratic Party Herding Organizations are REPEATING THE SAME FAILED STRATEGY which cost Clinton the Election!!!

The Indivisible / Working Families Party / MoveOn (etc) scam in a nutshell:
  1. Attack Trump 24x7 (even if he does something right! D'oh!)
  2. FAIL to produce a progressive/popular agenda based on positive shared values, and
  3. Convince people that YOU MUST only work within the confines of the SAME FAILED, & WIPED OUT Democratic Party which created this crisis.
Hey I know what let's do! Let's take over the Democratic Party, and move it to the left!! Only one problem: "That shit don't work!" (David Cobb)

And it has not worked for FORTY YEARS!

Jesus H. Christ, Friends...
Don't you think it's time to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

-- BH

Master List of SUSPECT Democratic Party Herding Organizations
  • #AllofUs
  • #Resist
  • #WeWillReplaceYou
  • 100 Acts 100 Days (Medium)
  • 100 Calls, 100 Days
  • 100 Days of Trump
  • 2 Hours a Week -> Action Alliance
  • 3NoTrump
  • 5 Calls
  • 500 Women Scientists
  • Action Aggregator
  • Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience
  • Action Group Network
  • Action Hub - What Do I Do About Trump?
  • Action Map
  • Action Now
  • Action Together Network
  • Activism Engine
  • Affinity
  • Agitatr
  • Alder (iOS)
  • All The Good We Can
  • America Will Be
  • Americans Resisting Overseas
  • Amplify
  • Arena Summit
  • Attrition Coalition
  • Brand New Congress
  • Build the Wave
  • Call Them In
  • Call You Next Tuesday
  • Call the Halls
  • Call to Activism
  • CallParty (daily Facebook messages)
  • CallThem
  • CallYour
  • Capitol Call
  • ★Center for American Progress★
  • Center for American Progress Action Fund
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • Citizen Action
  • CivikOwl
  • Code Blue
  • Couch Activism
  • Countable
  • Daily Action (daily text messages)
  • Daily Grab Back
  • Daily Kos
  • Daily Resistance (daily Facebook messages)
  • Damsels in Defiance
  • Data for Democracy
  • Democracy for America
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Do A Thing
  • Dream Corps Love Army
  • Fight Trump
  • Five Minute Resistance
  • Flippable
  • fourteen61
  • Forward Majority
  • HelloGOV
  • High Five Action
  • How To Help
  • iMarch
  • I+CAN
  • Indivisible
  • It Starts Today
  • Justice Democrats
  • Knock Every Door
  • Lawyers for Good Government
  • Library of Resistance
  • Love Army
  • Media Matters
  • Movement 2017
  • Movement Match
  • Movement to Oppose Trump
  • My Civic Workout
  • One Thing You Can Do
  • OneCall (calls you every day)
  • Our Next 4 years
  • Our Revolution
  • Pantsuit District
  • People's Action
  • Presterity
  • Progressive Action, Global Exchange
  • Progressive Democrats of America
  • Project 1461
  • Public Advocates / Carson Watch
  • RISE Movement
  • RISE people's calendar
  • Rainbow Push
  • Re:act
  • Resist Trump Tuesdays
  • Resistance Calendar
  • Resistance Manual
  • Resurgent Left
  • Revlists
  • Rise Stronger
  • Rogan's List
  • Run for Something
  • Serve 306
  • Sister District
  • Sleeping Giants
  • Small Deeds Done
  • Solidarity Sundays
  • Spark
  • Stance
  • Stand Up
  • Swing Left
  • Take2
  • Tell All Your Friends
  • Thank You Campaign
  • The 65
  • The Activist Cartel
  • The Loyal Opposition
  • The Night Owl Activist
  • The Orange Resistance
  • The Resistance: Peaceful Action
  • The Something I Can Do
  • Together We Will USA
  • Town Hall Project
  • Trump Resistance Today
  • TrumpWatch/CorpWatch
  • Udara
  • UniteBlue
  • Voices
  • VoteProChoice
  • WTF Just Happened Today?
  • Wall-of-Us
  • We the People
  • Weekly Actions to Resist Trump
  • Working Families Party
  • You Should Run

Master List of Obama crimes

    • bombs and drones and grenades and guns and paid mercenaries.
    • For 8 years he bombed 7 nations. NONE were wars declared by Congress
    • Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya,
    • Hillary Clinton helped for 4 years as Sec of State
    • Murdered 1M people, displaced another million.
  • Wall St immunity.  Bailing out Wall St. Bigger Banks. No accountability for crashing the economy
  • Telecom immunity
  • Orwellian domestic spying? NSA and CIA now BOTH collect EVERY phone call, email, text message
  • Kicked 10 million families out of their house in forclosure crisis?
  • Offshore drilling permits? Castrating the EPA? Canceling the investigation into the harms of fracking during election year?
  • All of the Above energy plan? "Clean Power Plan" which replaces electricity from dirty coal with dirty fracked gas?
  • No help for Flint Water Crisis?
  • Charter Schools, and High Stakes Testing (Common Core)?
  • Left wing gov't with right-wing policies?
  • An illegal tax disguised as healthcare? (Romneycare with no public option?) Tried to cut SS & Medicare?
  • Auctioning off Public Lands for commercial exploiaton?
  • Jailing whistleblowers?
  • Nearly 3/4ths of Keystone Pipeline System built?
  • Occupy Wall St crackdown?
  • Standing Rock inaction?
  • Failed to help striking teachers in Wisconsin?
  • Failed to fulfill his promise to shut down TORTURE facility at Gitmo?
  • Unconstitutional indefinite detention?
  • Suspension of habeas corpus?
  • Extrajudicial kill lists for American citizens?
  • Billions in aid to terrorist states (Israel, Saudi Arabia)
  • Undeclared wars against 7 nations?
  • Regime change in Libya, and Syria causing one of the greatest mass migration crises in history?
  • Or murdering a million people in seven countries via bombs, drone strikes, covert actions, and proxy wars?
  • Killed EPA investigation into harms of Fracking
  • Eight Years of fracking
  • 90% of the Keystone Pipeline System built,
  • bomb trains
  • jobs-exporting free trade agreements like TPP (Obama) and NAFTA (Clinton)
  • Neoliberalism (Class Warfare),
  • Extrajudicial Assassinations
  • Whistleblower persecution,
  • an illegal tax disguised as "health care" (ACA/Obamacare/Romneycare) which is really welfare to big Pharma...
  • Violent crackdown of OWS
  • Violent crackdown at Standing Rock...
  • ★ Bernie was ROBBED by: ★ DWS ★ Donna Brazille ★John Podesta ★ Robbie Mook ★ Neera Tanden ★ David Brock ★ Every Superdelegate

On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 9:17 PM, Adrian Kuzminski <> wrote:
Announcement: Summit meeting of activists in 19th CD, 8 July, Hudson, NY.

I've been asked to forward this to the lists, as the meeting is an open one, though registration and fee required. Details below.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pamela Kline <>
Date: Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 8:46 AM
Subject: Fwd: Resistance Leadership Summit Invite
To: Adrian Kuzminski <>, Antoinette Kuzminski <>, Dennis Higgins <>

Dear Adrian, Antoinette and Dennis, 
I am forwarding an invitation to an Activist Summit in Hudson. I hope you will be able to participate. Please forward to anyone you think would be interested. 

Dear Fellow Activists and Friends of Democracy,

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

As a leader in the Resistance Movement, you are invited to join us for a day of education, organization, collaboration and resistance training on July, 8, 2017 at the beautiful Upjohn Mansion/Hudson Lodge, located at 601 Union St., Hudson, NY. It will be a unique gathering of activists, trainers and teachers from CD19 as well as many supporters from neighboring Blue Districts and promises to be a full and rich day. 

Linked is a registration form that includes a brief outline for the day and also your lunch preference, which is included in your registration fee. Filling this out as soon as possible will help us to prepare a well organized and effective event. This is an all volunteer effort and your cooperation and speedy response will be tremendously helpful and appreciated.

If you are able to sponsor another activist for whom the fee is a barrier, please indicate that on the registration form.
If the $35 fee is a barrier for attendance, please contact me.

We will be creating an introductory video of the great work that is happening all over CD19 to start the day, if your group would like to participate in that via Skype or Face Time, please also indicate that on the registration form.

Our email list is is not complete. Please share this with other activists that you think would be helpful.

We are strongly recommending that all participants read On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.

Keep the faith - now more than ever.
Please join us!

Gianni Ortiz
Indivisible CD19 NY
Educate. Organize. Resist.

Apologies if you receive this more than once, we have collated a number of lists, a living, changing document which we will be happy to collaborate with other organizations to perfect and then share (SPOILER ALERT - that's part of a break out!).

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May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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