Tuesday, June 27, 2017

AMAZING Fenton #BombTrucks Wrapup!

There were probably 6 people who came up to me tonight and said, "Are you Bill Huston?" or, "Are you the guy who spoke at the school board meeting?" I guess my speech made an impression. 

I just winged it. I had just a few bullet points, nothing formally prepared. People said they thought I was very knowledgeable, and helped them understand about the proposed Town of Fenton #BombTrucks facility. That made me feel good ;)

The other thing is, and I've learned this from my good friend Craig Stevens is that "Everything they say is wrong. If their lips are moving, they're lying."

And if you lie once, you have to keep on lying forever, to cover for the first lie, and the cover-up lie, etc. It's unsustainable! 

Once you learn this and train your mind to it, you can use anything they say against them. If they let you in to the meeting, you catch them in 1,000 lies, and use it.

If they bar you from the meeting, and pay a dozen (off duty?) Sheriff's driving official vehicles(*) running security, you videotape that and make them look like scared fools (that's what they are!)

Anything they do, or say, you can use against them. It's kinda Environmental Ju Jitsu. 

(*) BTW, WTF! A few times tonight, I found myself surrounded by 3-4 cops w/fingers on their Tazers. No shit. There were at least THREE published accounts that this was going to be a "open public meeting". 1: Clifford Crouch, 2: posted at the Town Offices, 3: printed in the Press and Sun, and 4: in their own literature. "Open Meeting, public!!"

Their excuses were all over the place. It was invite only. I needed a press pass. They were very concerned about fire codes.

Fire code my ass. The room was 1/2 empty.
BTW, their expert there tonight --which they refused me access to, Chris Christopoulos-- has stated in his presentations that THERE ARE NO National Fire Protection Association NFPA codes for these BombTrucks!!! 

I have been doing independent media in various forms (public access TV, radio, blogging/research, print) in Binghamton area for 18 years. That's IMO F-ing Street CRED to be able to call myself PRESS.  I am the media. I have professional gear. I know what I'm doing technically and I do original research. And "NG Advantage" paid local cops to threaten me with arrest at several points tonight.

So I know Craig would tell me: Bill, just look at them. They are running scared, bro! Holding secret meetings, closed to the press and impacted residents. They are scared shirtless.

The Brass BALLS award of the night goes to Jeff Platsky for getting the dude to say "Bomb Trucks". Holy crap that's excellent.  

I know from personal experience that getting an Article 78 done in 60 days is challenging. Getting TWO in ~2 weeks is a fucking miracle!! I've only read one of two complaints, and it was excellent! 

And now a TRO? Some kind of injunction. 

That's how we roll in NY, baby. 
Several great victories tonight. 

Fenton/CV are on a roll!!

So happy to see this Fenton resistance to be happening so organically.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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