Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BREAKING! Judge Nullifies Town of Fenton Planning Board's approval of NG Advantage #BombTrucks terminal


Judge Lebous NULLIFIES Town of Fenton Planning Board approval of the NG Advantage, LLC proposed #BombTrucks terminal, and remands it back to the planning board for full Type-1 environmental review under SEQR!



I added the decision to my "Virtual Pipelines" document archive:

Navigate to Operators -> NG Advantage
There you will see the Fenton Legal folder.

(NOTE: You should be able to access this archive without
paying Dropbox any money. If you get nagged that
"Your Dropbox is Full", and you can't see the files, let
me know and I'll give you some ideas to try.)

Thanks to Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
for donating the Dropbox space for hosting the
CNG #BombTrucks

COMING SOON: I have a major update coming, so stay tuned.

PS: there is a meeting in the Town of Fenton tonight at 7pm, regarding
an "Aquifer permit" and a new site plan.
Fenton Town Hall, 44 Park St, Port Crane, NY 13833

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


James Right said...

Hi Bill,

As a New England neighbor i am concerned with the potential risk associated with these so called "bomb trucks". I did some digging of my own and actually found they are certified road worthy by the Department of Transportation at the federal level. There is a website that describes in detail the level of testing required to obtain the special permit. It appears extremely extensive. At least that is reassuring. But you got me thinking. Trucking methane must displace some other fuel source (energy is energy). I looked at all the trucks carring Hazmat (LNG, diesel, propan,etc) in wholesale quantities. According to the DoT, in New England alone, > 25,000 trucks per day carry propane, diesel, gasoline or other hazmat fuel as part of the integrated energy system (someone has to fill up the gas station tanks, propane swimming pools tanks, etc). What i found more interesting is the flammability/combustibility of each energy source. Methane is lighter then air so dissipates (vs gasoline for eg) and has a much lower flammability range (5to15%) vrs other liquid products (diesel ignites <1% of air). So in that respect its much safer then the 25,000 trucks plowing our roads already.

Keep up the good work. Its concerned citizens such as ourselves that ensure the balance between environmental and economic security / safety is optimized.

Bill Huston said...

James, just curious. Do you work for industry? You speak like a PR guy.

The DOT testing is IMO utterly inadequate. Go show me the destructive testing results where they take a fully loaded Hexagon Titan 40 or a Quantum VP-LITE and put it in a diesel fire to see what happens. Show me where they took a fully loaded trailer and intentionally tried to provoke a worst-case catastrophic failure (rupture tanks, then find ignition source -- could easily happen in a real-world accident). This testing DOES NOT EXIST (or has not been released to the public).

Also, the 5% to 15% limits for methane you mention isn't the flammability limit, but the EXPLOSIVE limits.

These Type-4 CNG tube trailers are brand new, largely unstudied, and carry very unique risks. 12 tons of methane has the explosive potential of 133 tons of TNT (my estimate). I asked several experts who all validated these numbers. Most came up with more.