Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Please help Ray Kemble of Dimock, PA

Neighbors Craig Stevens (L) and Ray Kemble (R) in Washington DC, telling the EPA's Scientific Advisory Board that the EPA's flawed fracking study needs to be revisited.

Hi all,

I've gotten to know Ray Kemble of Dimock PA over the last 7 years, and he's a really amazing guy.

His accomplishments are many-- He helped us defeat fracking in NY, and stood with us against numerous pipelines, compressor stations and storage projects-- too many to list.

Ray's advocacy has been key in getting a ban in Maryland, and a powerful ban bill in Florida.

Now he is sitting on the story of the century-- that YES, FRACKING alone is PROVEN to contaminate underground sources of drinking water, something the industry has consistently denied for a decade.  (Know of a journalist who wants to win a Pulitzer Prize?)

Remember the EPA's bogus claim in June 2015 that there was no "widespread, systematic impact" on water? Guess who mobilized the effort to convince the EPA's own Scientific Advisory Board that the report needed to be rewritten? Yes, it was Ray Kemble of Dimock!

When I started investigating the new XNG "Virtual Pipeline" #BombTrucks operation, Ray (a 30-year trucker specializing in heavy hauling and HAZMAT) spent hours with me teaching me about trucking (Bridge Formula, HAZMAT rules, etc).

And the industry has noticed how effective Ray has been. You've probably heard that Cabot Oil and Gas has just file a $5 million dollar SLAPP suit against Ray to try to silence his voice. Ray broke his back Feb. of this year, and also had cancer surgery, and has tons of medical expenses.

NOW IS OUR TIME to help Ray keep fighting.

Please donate generously, and PLEASE share this email on all pipeline and fracking lists everywhere. Ray is the "last man standing in Dimock" who has refused to be silenced.

Ray is fighting for all of us who are impacted by gas drilling and infrastructure. or

Bill Huston, Binghamton NY
May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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