Monday, January 22, 2018

Please support FENTON #BombTrucks resistance. ZBA meeting Tue 1/23 @ 6pm!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Impacted by XNG's #BombTrucks? Please support Fenton Tue Jan 23, 2018! 6pm

Sorry for the late notice.
REALLY important hearing tomorrow in Fenton.

We could really use caring people to show up to support, especially if you are impacted
TODAY by XNG's operation, and can speak about the unique nature of this operation. 

More info:

Third rollover crash involving XNG vehicles within the first 9 months of operations
of their PA to NY "Virtual Pipeline".

****  ALERT!   *****

Town of Fenton,
ZBA Hearing!
Port Crane Fire Station,
844 NYS Route 369,
Port Crane, New York.

The citizens of the Town of Fenton (near Binghamton) are fighting a facility nearly identical to the XNG ("Xpress Natural Gas") facilities at Forest Lake, Susquehanna County PA, and Manheim, Herkimer County, NY.

XNG Terminal, Forest Lake, PA.

The Fenton Building Inspector has ruled that it is a "Truck Terminal"

But this nothing like your grandfather's "truck terminal"...


  1. This is a NEW kind of facility,
         (first one was 3/2013 in Milton VT)

    proposed to fill:

  2. a NEW *experimental* vehicle
           Hexagon's Titan Trailer was first EXEMPTED from
            meeting existing federal motor carrier codes, by US DOT
            on 2/2012 by the issue of a Special Permit.
            Quantum's VP-Lite first issued a Special Permit by
            US DOT 9/2016)

  3. a new way to move gas
    (High Capacity Type-4 Carbon Fiber Composite Tube Trailers)

  4. This is not a "Truck Terminal". My friend (a retired NYS DOT inspector)
    says "Look at the Town of Fenton Zoning Code". 

    Chapter 150. Zoning
    Article III. District Regulations
    § 150-15. Limited Industrial District

    We have this:
    (6) Truck and freight terminals.

    But we also have this:
    (9) Other uses of a light manufacturing nature, reasonably free from odor, air pollutants, dust, dirt, vibration, noise and conditions which may create an unusual fire or explosion hazard.


  5. .... and thus is a NEW LAND USE,
    unlike any existing definition under present zoning law.

  6. This facility needs either a Special Permit (an exemption
    from existing code
    ) or a change in zoning law.

  7. With the significant hazards this facility will present
    to the community, we recommend a CHANGE IN ZONING LAW

This is NO Ordinary "Trucking Terminal"!
This is NO Ordinary "Compressor Station"!


so we need a different name for it.

... and a different category of land use
as defined by law. 


It is well-recognized law that
A local municipality (Village, Town, City)
can BAN undesired industrial land use through zoning.

This was a major way we got our ban on fracking in NY.
There were dozens of local towns which passed local town bans.

Zoning is Police Powers!

If you read the enabling statute for both NY Environmental Conservation Law, and also
Art. 16 of NY Town Law (zoning), they both use the phrase: "health, safety, and welfare of the people". That is police powers!

Fenton needs OUR help! 

(Especially if you are impacted by XNG trucks,
especially if you live near the facility in Manheim or Forest Lake)

Published on the Town of Fenton web site:

NOTICE:  The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Meeting to review the "Applications for an Appeal or Variance" regarding Building Inspector Matt Banks' determination of NG Advantage's classification as a truck terminal will be held on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, at 6 PM at the Port Crane Fire Station, located at 844 NYS Route 369, Port Crane, New York.  To view published notice, click here:

SCOPE OF THE Zoning Board of Appeals:

The Zoning Board of Appeals can only entertain comments directly related to the Zoning Classification as a "Truck Terminal". 

Very important to direct your comments at our SEVEN POINT STRATEGY above.

Industry press is already on the attack!

Jim Willis of Marcellus Drilling News says that because NY killed
the "Unconstitional Pipeline", that we must suffer #BombTrucks.

An analogy:

You can choose to die by either

a) Anthrax or
 b) Bubonic Plauge.

Which do you choose?

We reject pipelines AND #Bombtrucks!

Documents Archive:

I maintain a #BombTrucks documents archive.
To see the Fenton material, just start here:  -> Enter Archive -> Operators -> NG advantage

See you on Tuesday at the Port Crane Fire Hall at 6pm!

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

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