Thursday, January 25, 2018

The $$$ behind NG Advantage is....

I've been following the Oil and Gas industry for the last 8 years.
During that time, I have seen some exceptionally shady
operators: WIlliams Partners. WPX. Spectra Energy.
Cabot Oil and Gas. Energy Transfer Partners.

But I have never seen a company violate more laws than XNG,
Boston-based Xpress Natural Gas... and get away with it!
Lawless Rogues

We don't know who is the $$$ behind XNG, Xpress Natural Gas.
It's privately held. When we do know is that these blokes are
not oil and gas guys. They're from the financial world:
Fidelity Investments / Devonshire Investors.
(That could explain their general incompetence.)

  1. XNG failed a noise study, then hid the results from the Susquehanna County Planning Commission.
  2. XNG built their Forest Lake facility before receiving final plan approval, and were sued by Susquehanna County (settled out of court for a small fine)
  3. XNG failed to apply to PA DEP for air quality permits for two large gas-fired compressors at Forest Lake until 8 months after operations began!
  4. XNG never applied for an air quality permits from the NYS DEC prior to building out the site. Was theatened with criminal charges and potelntailly millions in fines.
  5. XNG never applied for a Natural Gas Act sec. 7 Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from FERC for Interstate Commerce in Natural Gas.
  6. XNG never even submitted to FERC a petition for Declaratory Order on the jurisdictional question, nor did they remit a check for $25,640. And even after multiple calls and emails to FERC's enforcement division, FERC let's them get away with it!
  7. XNG never told the NYS PSC, the NYS DEC, FERC, nor the Town of Manheim they were making a major modification to their facility to REVERSE the direction.
  8. XNG stiffed their contractor, John W. Danforth-- which built the "Nash Compressor" at Forest Lake, and made the facilities changes at Manheim for the "Manheim Injection Station Project"-- for $1.7M. Settled out of court for pennies on the dollar.

XNG is one of the shadiest operators I've ever seen.
XNG senior execs Seth Berry, Matt Smith, and John Nahill
are notewothy as Exceptional Rogues amongst an industry liars,
thieves, and chronic polluters.

I'm not in general a fan of prisons, but if they should exist,
it should be for people who make profit from violating the law
and put the lives of ordinary citizens at great risk of harm.

I suspect XNG has a SUGAR DADDY who is very well endowed with
cash and also political influence.

My guess would be someone like T. Boone Pickens or Warren Buffett....

But maybe we can rule out Boone...

You might have guessed that "Rico" Biasetti isn't the brains or $$$ behind NG Advantage.

RICO! Don't you love it!
Even his name reveals this is some kind of a racket....

Nah, the brains and $$$ is really Billionaire Boone Pickens.
Any you Yankees ever heard of th' Pickens Plan?

CLNE = "Clean Energy Fuels", the shell company which owns both
NG Advantage, and also General Transportation.

"General Transportation" is really a re-branding of JP Noonan which had
a somewhat dubious safety record, but purchased a new DOT number
in order to get a clean slate. Boone purchased.

Clean Energy Fuels seems to have an ownership interest in

​The Pickens Plan has been in the works at least 10 years.
It seeks to

a) Obtain vertical and horizontal monopolies on
Natural Gas production, midstream, and distribution, and

b) Use PR & Lobbying to promote energy policy which benefits his
monopoly companies.

So it's nothing personal!
Boone sees #BombTrucks as the vehicle for his next Billion.

These Fenton Nimbys are just in the way.

So the question is, who's will is stonger?
Boone's Billions?
Or Fenton's Ferocity?

Right now, my money is on Fenton...
Boone's done met his match.

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