Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BREAKING: Fenton ZBA: NG Advantage #BombTrucks station "Not a Truck Terminal"

NG Advantage #BombTrucks terminal REJECTED through Zoning!

Great news for the Fenton #BombTrucks terminal resistance!

Jeff Platsky writes:

"Now, the Vermont company has three options: 1: challenge the zoning ruling in court; 2: request a reclassification of the parcel by the Fenton Town Board to conform to land use codes; or 3: drop the project entirely."

Actually, I believe there are a couple of other options.

4: Fenton Town Board modifies zoning law and creates a newly defined industrial use. 

5: Obtain a Special Permit from the Planning Board.

But right now, the project is DEAD!

Great work to all involved!

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