Monday, February 12, 2018

Water Emergency! Please take 5 min. to help Ray Kemble of Dimock PA!

Ray Kemble of Dimock PA

Here Ray is receiving honors from the Governor of Florida

Ray is disabled, with a broken back, and is undergoing cancer treatment.

Ray has done Hero's Work helping to educate people from all over the world about the harms of drilling and fracking.


Ray's water was determined to be impacted by gas drilling in April 15, 2010.
READ it here: COSA#2

Ray has a right to clean water deliveries under the Article I, sec. 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution,and under Title 58 § 3218 of the Oil and Gas Act.

Ray had been getting water for ~18 months, then inexplicably, and in violation of the Laws of the Commonwealth, the PA DEP allowed Cabot Oil and Gas to CEASE deliveries Oct 18, 2011. Read the letter HERE. People in Dimock who experienced NEW water contamination after Oct 2012, ARE STILL RECEIVING replacement water! So why are people like Ray with water impacts suffered PRIOR to Oct 2012 NOT RECEIVING WATER? PLEASE take 5 min. and make a call to Governor Wolf or the PADEP, or to the PA Attorney General, or EPA and say:

"Please Deliver 500 gallons 
of Clean, Potable Water 
to Mr. Raymond Kemble
of Dimock, Susquehanna County PA,
disabled by a broken back, 
recovering from cancer surgery, 
and suffering other acute health problems, 

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Electric Moose said...

Good work. Thank you. Ray is a great human being and is being treated as non human by the G&O Industry and the State of PA.
He helped us ban fracking in Maryland.