Saturday, February 17, 2018

Update on Ray Kemble WATER EMERGENCY

I shot a short video update of Ray Kemble's water situation.
A friend donated 20 gallons of clean water, which is mostly
being used for flushing the toilet.

All water for cooking + drinking
is being purchased in 1 gal. jugs.
BACKGROUND Info Simplified:
  1. Ray's water was determined by the PA DEP on 4-15-2010 that his water supply was contaminated by Cabot Oil and Gas. SOURCE.
  2. Anyone who's water supply is impacted, is entitled to clean water deliveries under the 1984 Oil and Gas Act, as amended by Act 13 of 2012. SOURCE
  3. Ray received water deliveries until November 30, 2011, after PA DEP undersecretary for Oil & Gas Scott Perry inexplicably allowed Cabot to stop water deliveries, apparently in violation of the law: SOURCE

    Under what legal authority did Scott Perry order that Cabot could stop delivering water to Ray Kemble
    (and many others) as required by law?

Ray desperately needs to raise about $12,000

Please make calls to Gov. Wolf and PA DEP and ask that PA DEP deliver water to Ray AS REQUIRED BY LAW:

Ray has done HERO'S WORK educating people from all over the world.
You may have heard that a PA Ban Bill is moving through the Florida legislature. A few weeks ago, everyone was saying that the bill was "dead in committee". So Ray, with friends Craig Stevens, and 35 year oilfield veteran + master driller Lee McCaslin went to Florida a couple of weeks ago to help get the bill moving: It worked!

No Ray needs OUR help.
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