Saturday, March 17, 2018

BH Master List of Russiagate ​Debunkery

There has been ZERO evidence presented in 16 months that  Russian State Actors manipulated our election.

There is a TON of evidence that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in collusion with the Corporate Media and various intelligence agencies tried  to hack the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Here is when Russiagate first began, July 24, 2016. Notice Robbie Mook (Clinton Campaign Manager) introduces the topic of Russia to deflect a question about Wikileaks: 

Despite the title, this has a lot of information about WHY Russiagate was created. 1) coverup for the 2016 CRIMES of how Hillary Clinton + Media + Intelligence Community rigged the DNC primary to screw Bernie Sanders, and win the election for Clinton (failed), and 2) replace the voting system with a system which they can rig more effectively.

Caitlin Johnstone: Big Fat Compendium of Russiagate Debunkery: A very complete resource

Wikileaks: you can do keyword searches:

A right-wing commentator Liz Wheeler did a very good report:

Jimmy Dore has done some of the best work to expose Russiagate. MANY videos here:

This is great! Aaron Mate of the Real News Network destroys Luke Harding, author of "Collusion".

In reality, there is a lot of evidence there were hacks coming from DHS servers.

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