Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2 Videos: Binghamton Rally for Palestine 3-31-2018

 Jim Clune: Broome County Peace Action

Here are two videos I shot of the emergency rally for Palestine in Binghamton 3/31/2018. This is to express outrage at the viscous and unnecessary use of force by Israeli troops against peaceful protesters at Gaza at the "March for Return".

This is a very big human rights crisis spanning 70 years and getting worse. This system of Apartheid is supported to the tune of $4B per year by the US Government: $10M per day!!! supported by legislators like NY Sen. Chuck Schumer and almost every other, who accept donations from the Zionist 501(c)(4) AIPAC, in return for favors.

I don't have a lot of experience doing packages,
but IMO these came out great.

Please watch and share these new videos:
  1. Ahed Tamimi -- Binghamton rally for Palestine -- 3/31/2018 (5m)


    Discussion about Ahed Tamimi, w/Jack Gilroy (VFP, Peace Action), and Ariel Gold (CODEPINK).

  2. Rally for Palestine, Binghamton NY, 3-31-2018 (18m)

    Rally for Palestine, featuring Ariel Gold (Code Pink), Jack Gilroy (VFP), Jim Clune (Peace Action), and Fred Trzcinski (Broome Tioga Green Party).
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