Thursday, July 23, 2009

Four items, up for me today, processed, lessons learned


Many problems ensue then the thinking mind
is out of touch with the feeling body.

This produces great confusion in the vicinity
and much suffering.


Equanimity is when the mind remains as still
with loving words of affection,
as with harsh words of criticism.

Attachment to those loving words
brings expectation, fantasy, and tons of suffering.

Equally, fear and aversion of those harsh words
also brings suffering.

Both are manifestations of
"attachment to sensual pleasure of feeling good"
& binds us to Samsara.

Equanimity practice for lasting peace and freedom!

Mickey-ism of the day #1:

True experience is not cognitive!

Mickey-ism of the day #2:
Staying embodied in conflict

If during fear, terror, sadness, or anger,
one feels the need to escape...

Here is something to try:

If the trigger is fear/terror:

Locate where in the body the fear is felt
stay with it,
then ask "what was there before this?" *
be in the silence
allow the silence to be
allow the answer to emerge

(* alternate: "who was I before I was born?")

If the trigger is anger:

ask, "what am I needing?"
allow the silence to be
allow the answer to emerge
keep going, go deeper
iterate the process
until all the needs are met
find the equanimity or stillness
from the fundamental ground of being

It is very difficult to do this
during the trigger event
w/o practice!!

It's like going to the gym
work the muscle.
Do the processing off line.
Meditate on this situation later, in safety.

Thanks to my great teachers, friends,
and empathy buddies!

Bill Huston          
Binghamton NY
Phone: 607-321-7846


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